50 years
We work from
2010 year
installment plan

Building m.s.c
Renovating a square metre
Designing sqm
Develop design projects of square metres


Stone/gas concrete/combined/wood houses/eco houses

Price from $300 per square metre.

  • A team of professionals, managers, foreman and crew are personally at your disposal
  • Strict technical supervision and monitoring
  • Professional architect and crew with all the tools
  • Home design as a gift*
  • Home warranty 10 years
  • Quality materials, price/performance ratio.
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Project of a house AS A GIFT, upon conclusion of a construction contract

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START package

  • Architecture
  • Geodesy (topographical survey 1:500, 1:2000)
  • Building permit

The FULL service package

  • Geology (Soil investigation)
  • Construction section of the project
  • Interior Design
  • Architectural visualisation
  • Landscape design

When ordering the START or FULL package

A free building permit*

*no violations under the DBS

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About Us

The construction of houses for more than 8 years is the main activity of our company “Profi Stroy”. From the very first day of work, we were faced with a shortage of personnel, a lack of high-quality competition, and, as a result, weak and not trained "specialists." Outdated approaches, inability and unwillingness to rational use of resources - all this and much more forced us to start working in this market.

Today we are confidently moving towards the intended goal, and every day, receiving a new order to build a turnkey house, we embody our skills and abilities, we become stronger, which means we set even more ambitious tasks!

We came to change the construction market of Ukraine! We will make it innovative, rational, professional!

What do we offer?

Construction company ProfiStroy offers to order the construction of a house using the following reliable and popular materials:

  1. Concrete (monolithic turnkey construction on order)

The main advantage of monolithic concrete houses is their durability and reliability, compared with buildings made of other materials. Designing houses made of concrete has long been popular in big cities. This material is ideal for the construction of multi-storey buildings, as it withstands high loads.

  1. Stone (turnkey construction of houses made of stone)

This material, like concrete, has a fairly high strength and reliability. Stone is the material from which castles and fortifications were previously built, so it is more likely to be suitable for those who first of all appreciate the durability of the structure.

  1. Aerated concrete (turnkey construction of houses from aerated concrete)

Aerated concrete is often used for the construction of low buildings (about 3 floors). It is much lighter than concrete, more affordable and saves indoor temperature much better, which saves on insulation and air conditioning. In addition, aerated concrete has a fairly high resistance to fire, which increases the fire resistance of the building and the level of fire safety. Now aerated concrete is very popular in Kherson, Odessa, Nikolaev, Poltava, Kiev, Dnipro.

  1. Timber beam (turnkey construction of houses from timber to order)

Typically, low-rise buildings of 1-2 floors are built from timber. Houses made of timber are classified as environmentally friendly. They perfectly maintain indoor temperature and do not need to be finished. The construction of houses in Kherson from timber is carried out according to a fairly simple technology. Often buildings are erected without a concrete foundation, which significantly reduces the cost of the project. This option is perfect for the construction of small houses

  1. SIP panels

SIP panels are a relatively new material. It is environmentally friendly, very light (does not require a concrete foundation), it keeps indoor temperature well, and it also has an affordable price. The construction of private houses from SIP panels is not very labor intensive and does not require the use of special equipment, as is the case with concrete, for example. Suitable for building houses on 1-3 floors.

Why you should choose the company “Profi Stroy”

  1. Over the entire period of work, more than 160 various buildings were erected, including residential buildings made of timber, concrete, aerated concrete, brick and vulture panels, summer cottages, and country houses.
  2. Our distinguishing feature is the construction of a house using a special unique technology “without a headache and red tape”. You do not have to puzzle over where to get the project or from whom to order special equipment (trucks, bulldozers, lifts, etc.).
  3. We provide a full range of services, ranging from help with paperwork and legalization, to connecting communications and putting houses into operation. A staff of highly specialized specialists with extensive experience, an innovative approach and modern equipment allow us to complete turnkey house construction quickly, efficiently and without extra costs.

Collaboration Algorithm

  1. You leave a request for feedback or just call the phone number indicated on the website;
  2. Our specialist travels to the specified address for preliminary measurement and consultation;
  3. We carry out the calculation of the cost of building a house and draw up an estimate for the implementation of construction work;
  4. We conclude a contract in which the price is clearly stated, as well as the rights and obligations of all parties;
  5. After completing all paperwork, the most laborious stage begins - the construction process;
  6. Finally, the final stage is the commissioning of the facility and its commissioning.

At the moment, we have a special offer for all new and old customers: conclude a contract for the construction of a house and get a free design and cost estimate as a gift.

Call or application
Departure to the site
Conclusion of an agreement
Execution of works
Commissioning facility
Our clients
  • We have our own project. Will you build it?

    Of course. Our manager will be able to calculate the time frame for the construction of the house as well as its cost. If necessary, we will draw the house in a special programme before the contract is signed and you can walk through the rooms in a virtual space.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    We offer a 10-year guarantee on our houses. We are confident in the professionalism of our employees and the partners who supply us with building materials.

  • What will be the surcharge if the cost of materials changes?

    We work according to a contract in which we fix the price - there will be no surcharges, even if the cost of the material increases by 1.5-2 times. We have reserves of materials that we purchased at the old prices.

  • I don't have the whole amount to build with. Are you building on credit?

    We work with PrivatBank and other credit institutions. So when you apply on our website, tell our manager that you are planning to take a loan through our company and he will advise you on the terms and rates.

  • Do I have to pay the whole amount at once or can I pay in instalments?

    Our company has a flexible payment system. Initially we pay for the development of the project, then there are staggered payments. For example: 80% of the work and materials for the foundation, the remainder after the foundation is finished, then the walls of the ground floor, the floor slab, the first floor, the roof and windows are paid in the same way - in phases.

  • Can I see your work?

    Of course, we build all over Ukriana. When you talk to the manager, tell him or her that you would like to visit one or more sites and he or she will find you the most suitable ones for your location.

  • How are you better than others?

    For complete transparency, we install CCTV cameras at the site. We give you access to a special programme on your phone. You can monitor all construction sites 24/7 and, if you have any questions, call the foreman for clarification.

    We are a full-service company. We take a project from idea to full implementation on site. We don't have to finish the job. For example, we finish the roof completely (soffit, snow stops, guttering).

    Even in the toughest of times, we fix the construction price. We understand that our clients feel more comfortable knowing at once how much they will end up paying, without any pitfalls. We provide an estimate and are prepared to build at a previously agreed price. We fix the price in the construction contract.

  • What materials do you build with?

    We build masonry houses from aerated concrete and ceramic blocks. In our work we use proven manufacturers such as Bonolit, Ytong, Wienerberger, etc.

  • What is the time frame for construction?

    A lot depends on various factors, such as the weather, groundwater level, slope of the site, difficulty of entry, size of the house and other conditions. On average, it takes 3 to 4 months to build a two-storey house of 100 to 150 m2.

  • I still have questions, how can I ask them?

    You can contact us in any way you like.
    1- Make a phone call +38 (095) 804-66-92
    2- Write on Telegram Телеграм
    3- Write an email mybigroad@gmail.com
    Visit one of our offices in your city. Addresses and opening hours are at the bottom of the page and on the page Contacts

Leave a request and we will contact you to clarify the details
Odessa48 Lvivska Street, Odessa+38 (095) 804 66 92mybigroad@gmail.comПн-Пт, 09.00-18.00
Kherson32 Preobrazhenskaya Street from the side of Torgovaya Street+38 (095) 391 88 85mybigroad@gmail.comПн-Пт, 09.00-18.00
KievIn the process of opening+38 (095) 391 88 85mybigroad@gmail.comПн-Пт, 09.00-18.00
NikolaevKorabelov 3B+38 (095) 391 88 85mybigroad@gmail.comПн-Пт, 09.00-18.00
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