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Anya / 12.08.2019 /
спасибо за професионализм!
Administration / 12.08.2019
Здравствуйте! Спасибо за отзыв!)
Eugene / 31.05.2019 /
Благодарим компанию Профи Строй за строительство загородного дома в поселке Антоновка. Бригада работала слаженно и аккуратно, соблюдала все технические моменты, выполнили все пожелания. По строительству уложились в запланированный срок. От строительства осталось только положительное впечатление и замечательный загородный дом. Особая благодарность, Валерию, директору СК Профи Строй за отличную организацию работ и учет всех наших пожеланий. Также хотим отметить бригаду строителей во главе с Андреем за отличное качество и внимание к мелочам. Желаем команде Профи Строй дальнейшего развития и процветания
Administration / 31.05.2019
Здравствуйте! Спасибо, за такой открытый отзыв и пожелания! Будем рады сотрудничать вновь :)
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Project of a house AS A GIFT, upon conclusion of a construction contract

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Construction of turnkey houses

Building a house from scratch is a responsible procedure that requires professionalism and a painstaking approach. The main catch is that building a house consists of several stages, each of which is important and does not tolerate mistakes. Profi-Stroy specialists advise and accompany the client at each of these stages, until the customer has his dream house in front of him. The complex construction of a custom-made country house involves the work of a large staff of experts, with the proper level of knowledge and skills. From this follows a logical conclusion: you cannot cope with such a task on your own. Therefore, it is recommended to hire our builders, for whom the construction of private houses is a familiar service. In addition, the employees of our company specialize in the construction of various materials. So, in their competence:

  • construction of brick houses;
  • construction of turnkey wooden houses;
  • turnkey timber house;
  • houses from sip panels;
  • foam block house, the price of which is acceptable;
  • aerated concrete house (price).

For Profi-Stroy experts, it is not a problem to build a turnkey house, the price of which is affordable in the conditions of the existing market, from the material proposed by the customer. They also guarantee that the building will meet all the requirements, both from the technical side and from the outside.

Construction of country houses: stages of construction

As mentioned earlier, the construction of cottages is implemented according to the individual requirements of the consumer. So, the building construction algorithm is as follows:

  1. Selection of a suitable site according to geological and geodetic surveys. Specialists study the area, its topography, soil type and other factors in order to avoid force majeure and fulfill the order with guaranteed quality.
  2. Design. Builders make up a package of documentation, including estimates, installation schemes for communications and 3D visualization of the building.
  3. Laying communications. Water, sewer and gas pipes, as well as electricity, telephony and internet networks are connected to the site.
  4. Foundation pouring.
  5. Construction of walls and partitions.
  6. Roof installation.
  7. Installation of windows and doors.
  8. Facade decoration.
  9. Internal finishing works.

In order to build a cottage according to the needs of the client, our employees are guided by the above action plan, no matter what type of construction, including inexpensive turnkey wooden houses.

Building a house from A to Z

Building a house is a very important stage in the life of every person, and of course, every little thing during its construction can affect the quality during further use. Often, construction is a very complex process that only professional master builders can do.
Our company "Profi-Stroy" provides services for the construction of residential buildings, cottages, cottages, cafes, bars, restaurants, workshops and technical premises for service stations, car washes, etc., for more than 7 years. You can also order a working draft of a house or apartment in Kherson, Odessa, Nikolaev and other cities from us. The staff is staffed by masters of various specialties from architects, foremen, to electricians, plumbers and others.

What services do we provide:
1. Engineering surveys (geology, geodesy) - the study of the natural conditions of the area, sources of water supply and other materials necessary for the design of construction.
2. Design and project documentation - development of a building project, both standard and non-standard. Calculation of construction costs, estimates and more.
3. Preparation of the site for construction - arrangement of access roads for special equipment and trucks.
4. Marking the site for construction - marking the house and auxiliary, technical buildings (garage, bathhouse, workshop, etc.)
5. Supplying electricity to the construction site
6. Leveling the site using special equipment or manually
7. Erection of a temporary fence, a gate made of corrugated board
8. Delivery of building materials to the construction site
9. Foundation work - digging trenches, knitting reinforcement, pouring the foundation.
10. Land works - digging sewers, wells for septic tanks. Installation of septic tanks and arrangement of drain pits
11. Construction of walls - brickwork, installation of ceilings, construction of internal load-bearing walls.
12. Installation of ventilation systems
13. Roof construction - installation of the truss system, waterproofing and roofing material.
14. Installation of windows and doors
15. Connection to the gas supply network
16. Facade decoration
17. Construction of fences and barriers
18. Installation of heating systems (wiring, radiators, pipes), installation of chimneys for a boiler, stove or fireplace
19. Construction of fireplaces and stoves
20. Installation of water supply and sewerage system
21. Installation of the electrical network and security alarm in the house
22. Interior finishing, drywall installation, putty, plaster
23. Installation of plumbing of any complexity.
25. Improvement and gardening of the territory and much more.
You can also hire handymen and masters of construction specialties with us hourly or for the whole working day.

строительство дома в херсоне николаеве одесс на заказ под ключ профи строй 11
Leave all construction worries to us and save your time, nerves and money, because we are professionals in our field and guarantee the high quality of all work done. We are always glad to see guests both in our workshops and in offices. Managers and craftsmen will help you find the answer to any question regarding construction. Addresses and contacts of the construction company "Profi-Stroy" can be found in the section "contacts"
Ordering construction, repair and other services is very easy with us, because we work according to the most efficient and simple system:
1) Forming an order through a phone call (usually no more than 2-3 minutes)
2) Calculation of the total cost of services, estimate
3) Conclusion of the contract, planning, preparation of the facility for construction. Preparation also includes the delivery of building materials.
4) Removal of construction debris, commissioning of the facility
Call and write to us! We can always agree.
строительство дома в херсоне николаеве одесс на заказ под ключ профи строй

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