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Anya / 12.08.2019 /
спасибо за професионализм!
Administration / 12.08.2019
Здравствуйте! Спасибо за отзыв!)
Eugene / 31.05.2019 /
Благодарим компанию Профи Строй за строительство загородного дома в поселке Антоновка. Бригада работала слаженно и аккуратно, соблюдала все технические моменты, выполнили все пожелания. По строительству уложились в запланированный срок. От строительства осталось только положительное впечатление и замечательный загородный дом. Особая благодарность, Валерию, директору СК Профи Строй за отличную организацию работ и учет всех наших пожеланий. Также хотим отметить бригаду строителей во главе с Андреем за отличное качество и внимание к мелочам. Желаем команде Профи Строй дальнейшего развития и процветания
Administration / 31.05.2019
Здравствуйте! Спасибо, за такой открытый отзыв и пожелания! Будем рады сотрудничать вновь :)
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Project of a house AS A GIFT, upon conclusion of a construction contract

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Design of houses in Kherson
Design of houses in Kherson

Design of houses and cottages in Kherson and Kherson region

The decision to build your own home is a big decision. To better imagine how you see your future home, use the design service. The construction company "Profi Stroy" offers to order a project of a house in Kherson, taking into account current trends in the field of creating modern architecture.

We will create a project of a dream home, taking into account the needs of the client

When a client decides to build his own home, he absolutely wants to reflect his character and preferences in it. For example, a consumer is into music, so it is necessary to plan the design in such a way that loud sounds are not too audible outside of it. Or the owner of the future home loves to cook - he needs a space where he can fully show his talent and multiply it. All these nuances, as well as a host of others, should be taken into account at the initial stages of construction, since further alteration is a colossal waste of time, effort and finances. Therefore, we recommend ordering a house project from the Profi Stroy construction company.

There are many advantages of working with us, here are some of them:

  • professional approach – all tasks are carried out strictly in accordance with construction norms and standards;
  • personal focus on each client - an individual project of a private house will be drawn up by experts, taking into account all the requirements of the consumer;
  • qualified team – house design (Kherson) is carried out exclusively by certified specialists who have the proper theoretical and practical level of knowledge;
  • democratic cost of service - the project of a house (Kherson) will definitely not cost customers a pretty penny, rather, on the contrary, the price of the service designing a dacha Kherson will pleasantly surprise the customer.

Designing one-story houses: features

First of all, the project of a country house is drawn up in order to correct shortcomings in a timely manner and optimize the process from the financial and technical side. So, having the estimate documentation in hand, the owner of the future housing understands how much the construction will cost him. At this stage, it is easy to change something so that it does not affect the family's budget too much. Believe me, it is extremely problematic to correct mistakes or lack of funds after construction is completed.

The architectural project of a house in Kherson, the price of the service is affordable from the Profi Stroy company, it will show the client how the building will look after all the work is completed. It is better to make adjustments as they come, rather than forcing builders to deviate from the intended plan. Designing a wooden house, aerated concrete house or any other structure will allow you to avoid a number of mistakes and significantly save your strength.

Designing houses in Kherson: what we offer

In our company you can order individual design of houses or buildings for industrial use, 3D visualization, as well as estimates for the project and much more at an affordable cost.
For more than 8 years of work in the construction industry, we have been able to gain practical experience in successfully designing original residential houses, summer houses, cottages, as well as buildings for industrial purposes (warehouses, office premises), unique and currently popular restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques . We follow the latest in design, enter the market of new advanced materials and tools, therefore we always offer the latest and highest quality solutions and professional services.
“Profi Stroy” provides comprehensive assistance at all stages of design and construction work and offers the design of houses with the maximum fit for your capabilities and needs.

To order the project of the house in Kherson

What does the project of a residential or industrial house consist of?

Designing of cottages or industrial buildings in the city of Kherson is a comprehensive set of working construction documentation, which is always used as a plan by the developer. There should always be 3 components in a project:

  1. Architectural

This includes every drawing of the proposed building: a plan of each floor, taking into account the basement and the attic, a plan of door and window openings, roofs and facades of the house.

  1. Design

This part is intended to bring to life the architectural component, and includes a diagram of the device for each of the parts of the room, from the foundation to the roof. It also contains calculations of the amount of necessary materials (estimates) and recommendations regarding construction work.

  1. Engineering

The third part consists of accurate calculations and drawings for connecting communications, such as water supply, gas supply, electricity, ventilation, sewage, heating system, fire alarm and video surveillance.

All projects for which further construction of houses is ongoing can be divided into two types:

  1. Typical - projects that are aimed at the multiple reproduction and construction of monotypic premises
  2. Individual - turnkey house design, which maximally meets all the requirements of the customer and makes it possible to realize any of his wishes.

In the individual project of a one-story house, you can include additional objects: a garage, a bath or a sauna, a guest house, staff or just a summer holiday house, a gazebo with a kitchenette. The advantages of this type of project can also include accounting for topography, geology, climate, soil type and other features of the site.

Order designing a house in Kherson

Calculation of the cost of services for creating an individual house project

The estimate of design and survey work (design and survey works) will allow you to save on future construction, in addition, additional expenses during the construction of the house will be reduced to an absolute minimum. And the main advantage is that any competent builder will be able to build a house on a finished project.

The price of designing a home depends on many factors. Since an individual project is ordered for the construction of complex houses, the more complex the construction, the more expensive the project. Prices are also affected by the overall quadrature of the building. The average cost of an individual project is not less than $ 500, of course, excluding the design of additional buildings.

During the work, we managed to gain a reputation as a professional and extremely responsible artist. They talk about us, they recommend us to friends. We have already built more than 160 houses and every month the number of our satisfied customers is growing. You may be among them.

Of course, the cost of the project always fully reflects the workload of a group of professionals, at the same time contacting our company and concluding a contract for building a house, you can receive all project documentation as a gift.

Designing of the house in Kherson

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