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Buy land in Kherson

Any construction for a fan of the south of Ukraine begins with a decision to buy a land plot in Kherson. If the place is chosen correctly, the cottage will last a long time, cracks will not appear in the walls and you will not have to spend money on filling an expensive foundation.

If you want the construction to bring a minimum of hassle, it is recommended to apply for a land plot to the "Profi Stroy" company. The specialists have advantageous offers with convenient transport interchange and the necessary infrastructure, in settlements where engineering communications are laid. The cost of objects in the Kherson region is moderate.

Site area and soil features

It makes no sense to spend money on a large plot of land if you plan to build a small house, especially when it comes to a summer residence, where the family will come in the spring-autumn season. It is easier to decide on the required area, given the need for the following structures:

  • buildings for agricultural activities;
  • playground for children with sandpit and swing;
  • It is convenient for the whole family to relax in the gazebo, and the barbecue area will not interfere.

By contacting the firm "Profi Stroy", the client will be able to purchase a land plot with any area. Specialists will also make sure that future construction will bring a minimum of hassle.

Peat and loose plots are not recommended. They are notable for their instability, therefore, a pile foundation is poured under them, which requires large financial costs. Swampy areas and clayey soil are also unpopular for construction.

By offering to buy a land plot for a house in Kherson, bona fide sellers provide the buyer with information about the depth of groundwater. Indeed, the stability of the building depends on this indicator.

Availability of light, water and gas

In order not to have to drill a well and dig a well, the construction of houses in Kherson is recommended in areas where it is possible to connect to a centralized water supply. If, nevertheless, a decision is made to use water from underground sources, it is important to clarify its quality. For this, the liquid is taken as a sample and given for examination.Sale of land plots in Kherson. Buy a land plot inexpensively

If it is decided to buy a land plot for construction in Kherson (within the city limits), there will be no problems with light. The situation is different in remote villages. Experts advise to find out in advance which management company will be able to connect the house to the network, and what is the capacity of the new line.

The purchase of gas cylinders is expensive. It is more profitable to connect to a gas pipeline.

In many cottages, an individual waste disposal system is installed, to which there is access for special equipment. The construction and maintenance of a cesspool is a thing of the past. A public sewer system is encouraged.


It is better to buy a land plot in Kherson and the region in an area with at least a minimum number of infrastructure facilities. The price of land is higher if the village has shops, a hospital, a kindergarten, a school and recreation areas. It's good if there is a public transport stop nearby.

The condition of the roads is also an important factor. For the normal course of construction, equipped access roads are required.

Land documents

The services of a construction company cover the paperwork for a plot of land for a house. The transaction with the seller is concluded taking into account the current legislation of Ukraine. The buyer is provided with such papers.

  1. State certificate for the right of ownership of the allotment.
  2. Certificate confirming the absence of restrictions and arrests.
  3. Extract indicating the cadastral number.

The plots offered by "Profi Stroy" are intended for the purposes specified in the construction of cottages. If you still haven't found a high-quality designer, ready-made house projects will help you make your dream come true for a small fee.

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