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Profistroy's team of architects, designers, constructors and engineers will make your dreams of the perfect living and leisure space come true.

We will determine the basic concept of the future house, develop the necessary architectural and structural solutions and select all the necessary materials for construction. We will provide comprehensive support for the construction project from the client's first call to commissioning.

Architectural solutions

99 грн/м2
from 18 working days

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  • Master Plan.
  • Situation Plan.
  • Fixing the existing site.
  • Floor plan.
  • Passport of the façade.
  • Visualisation of the house / exterior (extra charge).
  • The architectural design is a must! Otherwise we will not get a building certificate (building permit).

Structural solutions (Detailed design)

от 250 грн/м2
Up to 50 working days

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  • Scrapbook drawing list. General information.
  • Plan of the monolithic foundation strip/plate. Cut-outs, sub-assemblies.
  • Plan of the foundation walls. Cut-outs. Nodes.
  • Specification. Cores. Columns.
  • Floor lintel layout plans. Specification.
  • Staircase layout plan.<br>Cut-outs. Nodes. Specification.</br>
  • Formwork layout plan for the slab monolithic slab. Floor slab plans. Assemblies. Specification.
  • Layout of the monolithic belt. Nodes. Specification.
  • Plan of the slab on wooden beams. Assembly blocks. Specification.
  • Layout of roof truss systems. Cut-outs. Assembly units. Specifications.
  • Ventilation ducts.
  • Filling of window openings and doorways.
  • Explanation, exterior finish.

Engineering networks

Individual miscalculation
Up to 40 working days

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  • Electrical calculation.
  • Calculation of drainage / water drainage communication.
  • Calculation of the heating system.
  • Thermal calculation

Projection calculator
Calculate the cost of a project for your home
Do you know what your home will be like?
Specify the parameters of your house - number of storeys, floor area, wall material, roof type and shape - and get a quote today.
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Application form.
We carry out all the necessary surveys on your site to get the design started.
We draw up the terms of reference and conclude the design contract.
We prepare and submit the building permit package to the state authorities.
We develop the working documentation.
We calculate the cost of construction and all building materials for your home.
Our clients
  • To what extent will the realised facility conform to the architectural design?

    A bespoke home design means not only meeting your expectations, but ultimately making sure that the completed building is as close as possible to what you have envisioned.

  • Can I get help from your experts to decorate the area around the house?

    We have first class landscaping specialists in our team.Landscape design

  • Will the architect help with the selection and purchase of all the necessary materials?

    The architect does not help in the purchase of materials. Instead, we have an entire department Accessories. This department is responsible for calculating the cost of materials, taking into account the client's budget and requirements, as well as the purchase of all materials for the project.

  • Can your specialists help with obtaining a building permit and subsequent commissioning?

    Yes, our lawyers will prepare the package of documents, obtain the permits from the public authorities and, once construction is complete, commission your house. Подробнее на странице Documents.

  • Is it possible to do without geological surveys when designing a house? For example, if I decide to change my plot of land after I have bought the architectural design.

    This is possible, but in the future it is highly likely that permanent repairs to the foundation and the structure of the house as a whole may be necessary. In addition, without geology, the designer, in order to reassure himself, makes the foundation as high as possible. This, consequently, leads to material overspending. Geological surveys help not only to make a reliable foundation but also to save money in the future.

    It is important to bear in mind that each project is designed for climatic and ground conditions. However, the ground conditions may differ considerably even from neighbouring areas! If the soil conditions do not match those of the design, it will be necessary to make adjustments to the foundations or choose a different type of foundation altogether. If this is not possible, it will be necessary to artificially shape the soil conditions adopted in the design by, for example, excavating unsuitable soil and replacing it with crushed stone and sand. Подробнее на странице Geology.

  • Will I be able to monitor the construction remotely?

    Yes, with an online reporting system. Whether you are at home, at work or on holiday, you can always monitor the progress of the design and construction of your home. You will receive photos, financial reports and progress reports. Turnkey implementation means that the company takes responsibility for the design process, giving you minimal involvement but, if you wish, maximum control over the creation of your future home.

    In addition, we recommend installing video surveillance cameras at the site, providing full visibility. This allows you to monitor the progress of the construction work.

  • Does your company guarantee compliance with construction deadlines?

    Before the start of construction work, we will fix a timetable for construction, a completion date and the full completion of your home. By having a timetable (done with an estimate), you have a simple and clear plan for the construction of the building, allowing you to allocate your time and other resources.

  • What other guarantees can I get from your company?

    When you order the service of architectural design and construction of your home, you can be assured of the quality of the process and the end result. At the end of the construction process, we issue you with a warranty certificate for the complex construction and installation work. (Foundation works, concrete works, masonry walls, roofing works, facade works).

  • I still have questions, how can I ask them?

    You can contact us in any way you like.
    1- Make a phone call +38 (095) 804-66-92
    2- Write on Telegram Телеграм
    3- Write an email mybigroad@gmail.com
    Visit one of our offices in your city. Addresses and opening hours are at the bottom of the page and on the page Contacts

About Us

If you are on our site, it means a very important event has happened in your life - you have made the decision to build your own home and it's cool! It remains only to decide what your new home will look like. Construction company Profi Stroy offers to order a house project taking into account current trends in the field of creating modern architecture.

What do we offer?

In our company you can order individual design of houses or buildings for industrial use, 3D visualization, as well as estimates for the project and much more at an affordable cost.
For more than 8 years of work in the construction industry, we have been able to gain practical experience in successfully designing original residential houses, summer houses, cottages, as well as buildings for industrial purposes (warehouses, office premises), unique and currently popular restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques . We follow the latest in design, enter the market of new advanced materials and tools, therefore we always offer the latest and highest quality solutions and professional services.
“Profi Stroy” provides comprehensive assistance at all stages of design and construction work and offers the design of houses with the maximum fit for your capabilities and needs.

To order the project of the house in Kherson

What does the project of a residential or industrial house consist of?

Designing of cottages or industrial buildings in the city of Kherson is a comprehensive set of working construction documentation, which is always used as a plan by the developer. There should always be 3 components in a project:

  1. Architectural

This includes every drawing of the proposed building: a plan of each floor, taking into account the basement and the attic, a plan of door and window openings, roofs and facades of the house.

  1. Design

This part is intended to bring to life the architectural component, and includes a diagram of the device for each of the parts of the room, from the foundation to the roof. It also contains calculations of the amount of necessary materials (estimates) and recommendations regarding construction work.

  1. Engineering

The third part consists of accurate calculations and drawings for connecting communications, such as water supply, gas supply, electricity, ventilation, sewage, heating system, fire alarm and video surveillance.

All projects for which further construction of houses is ongoing can be divided into two types:

  1. Typical - projects that are aimed at the multiple reproduction and construction of monotypic premises
  2. Individual - turnkey house design, which maximally meets all the requirements of the customer and makes it possible to realize any of his wishes.

In the individual project of a one-story house, you can include additional objects: a garage, a bath or a sauna, a guest house, staff or just a summer holiday house, a gazebo with a kitchenette. The advantages of this type of project can also include accounting for topography, geology, climate, soil type and other features of the site.

Order designing a house in Kherson

Calculation of the cost of services for creating an individual house project

The estimate of design and survey work (design and survey works) will allow you to save on future construction, in addition, additional expenses during the construction of the house will be reduced to an absolute minimum. And the main advantage is that any competent builder will be able to build a house on a finished project.

The price of designing a home depends on many factors. Since an individual project is ordered for the construction of complex houses, the more complex the construction, the more expensive the project. Prices are also affected by the overall quadrature of the building. The average cost of an individual project is not less than $ 500, of course, excluding the design of additional buildings.

During the work, we managed to gain a reputation as a professional and extremely responsible artist. They talk about us, they recommend us to friends. We have already built more than 160 houses and every month the number of our satisfied customers is growing. You may be among them.

Of course, the cost of the project always fully reflects the workload of a group of professionals, at the same time contacting our company and concluding a contract for building a house, you can receive all project documentation as a gift.

Designing of the house in Kherson

Why should you order a house project from Profi Stroy experts?

At first glance, it seems that designing a house is a necessary procedure only for the construction team itself, but in fact it is not. The architectural project of the house includes not only engineering drawings and communications layouts, but also gives the client the opportunity to see what the home will be like in the end. The plan will clearly show where which room is located, as well as the furniture in it. The design of houses also necessarily includes the preparation of cost estimates and, as a result, the calculation of the client's financial expenses. If the customer cannot cope with the financial estimate, then the experts will offer to make adjustments to the project.

We emphasize that the builders from the Profi Stroy company are guided by technical standards and GOSTs, so the risk of error on their part is minimal, which cannot be said about self-building. It is unlikely that you will be able to sleep peacefully, knowing that you could have made a mistake in summing up communications or picked up poor-quality material for the foundation or decoration. What are the risks for those who decide to do without developing an individual project of a private house:

  • if soil properties are not taken into account - cracks in the foundation;
  • if the ceiling and roof were too heavy - crevices in the walls and lining.

Faults may also appear in the ceiling - all this is due to the lack of a competent miscalculation of all engineering structures.

What does the design of one-story houses include?

Note that the design of a country house is an opportunity for customers to calmly wait for the completion of construction and, of course, a guarantee that everything will be as originally agreed. Designing a wooden house or any other without fail includes two sections: architectural and constructive. They describe all the information necessary for construction. At the same time, the cost of the service of designing a house from aerated concrete is democratic and acceptable. We offer our clients regular systems of discounts and promotions, which only increase our credibility in their eyes.

Service designing cottages from the company "Profi Stroy" is a saving of personal time and finances of the consumer. Thanks to this service, it is possible to avoid many risks and save your money and nerves.

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