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спасибо за професионализм!
Administration / 12.08.2019
Здравствуйте! Спасибо за отзыв!)
Eugene / 31.05.2019 /
Благодарим компанию Профи Строй за строительство загородного дома в поселке Антоновка. Бригада работала слаженно и аккуратно, соблюдала все технические моменты, выполнили все пожелания. По строительству уложились в запланированный срок. От строительства осталось только положительное впечатление и замечательный загородный дом. Особая благодарность, Валерию, директору СК Профи Строй за отличную организацию работ и учет всех наших пожеланий. Также хотим отметить бригаду строителей во главе с Андреем за отличное качество и внимание к мелочам. Желаем команде Профи Строй дальнейшего развития и процветания
Administration / 31.05.2019
Здравствуйте! Спасибо, за такой открытый отзыв и пожелания! Будем рады сотрудничать вновь :)
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Project of a house AS A GIFT, upon conclusion of a construction contract

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Individual design of houses in Dnepr

Design in Dnipro

Many families dream of having their own home. Especially popular in Ukraine are their own houses located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This trend is explained by a number of advantages: comfort, space, there are no neighbors behind the wall, there is a personal plot that can be used at your own discretion. Before the start of any construction, a house project is being developed in Dnipro. This is the first and important step towards achieving the goal.

Design features

Modern housing should be safe, cozy and comfortable for all family members. Among the typical ready-made house projects, it is not always possible to choose the appropriate option that meets the customer's requirements. It makes no sense to invest your savings in real estate that will not bring joy. The correct solution to the issue in such a situation is to order in Dnipro a project of your dream house for individual design. The construction company "Profi Stroi" provides such services.

Individual design of houses in the Dnieper has a number of undeniable advantages.

  1. Reliability. A team of professionals is working on the creation of the project. Experts are examining the site on which construction is planned, checking the level of underwater waters. This will help identify problem areas and make the most of the area.
  2. Comfort. The development of a project for a house in Dnipro is carried out taking into account all the wishes of the customer regarding the number of storeys, area, layout.
  3. Beauty. In addition to comfort and coziness, the house should be aesthetic pleasure. Creating a custom-made house project in Dnipro allows you to turn your dream into reality regarding the exterior of the building.
  4. Exclusivity. Uniqueness is an important condition for those who value their individuality, status and personal space. Since the project is made in a single copy, the house will stand out from the rest of the buildings.

The cost of a house project in Dnipro depends on the amount of work performed. Individual design is an opportunity to carry out a comprehensive development of a site, which, in addition to the cottage, will have a swimming pool, sauna, garage or other buildings.

Designing houses in Dnipro: prices, order a house project

Features of project development

The amount of material and the amount of work is calculated on the basis of the documentation provided by the construction company "Profi Stroy". The development of a turnkey house project in Dnipro combines several stages.

Preliminary design. Geodetic surveys of the place where the house will be located are being carried out. At this stage, a master plan of the site and a floor plan of the building are created. All documentation is developed taking into account building codes and requirements and serves as the basis for obtaining a building passport.

Architectural project. This stage is the creative work of a group of architects. In close communication with the customer, specialists develop the facade, foundation, select the shape of the roof, etc.

Constructive project. The main stage on which the safety and reliability of the structure depends. Design engineers work through all units and details, calculate the strength of load-bearing walls, floors, foundations, etc. on the basis of the prepared documentation, an estimate is drawn up for the purchase of material and the performance of work.

In addition to the layout and design of the facade, the project includes many other important points. A house cannot exist without running water and heating. In country houses, autonomous systems are most often used. The choice of a heater depends on the area and number of storeys of the building. You can order a project of a house in Dnipro with an attached garage, which also affects the selection and placement of equipment. In country houses that are not intended for permanent residence, the most acceptable option is a fireplace. Hot water can be supplied from a boiler, boiler or water heater.

Brick house projects involve the development of a ventilation system that circulates air. Also, when designing, the installation of air conditioners can be provided.

Building a ladder requires professional skills. The place of installation is indicated in the project, finishing work is performed after the installation of the structure.

Developing a house project is a difficult and painstaking work that should be entrusted to specialists. If you have ideas and a desire to order an individual design of a house, our specialists are always ready to take the order and perform the work with high quality in the shortest possible time. We not only carry out individual design of houses, from a general layout to a complete set of approved drawings, but also provide supervision at all stages of construction.

Why is it necessary to design individual houses?

Some consumers believe that it is possible to do without creating a project for the future home. This decision can be provoked by many factors, sometimes even by banal ignorance of why this procedure is necessary. Designing houses (Dnipro) is an important procedure, and Profi Stroy experts prove this by listing the following advantages:

  1. Competent calculation of loads. In the procedure for designing a house made of aerated concrete, the final load is taken into account, which will be carried out on the foundation and floors. This will avoid cracks and minimize the need for subsequent reconstruction of the structure.
  2. Ergonomics of the room. Preliminary calculations allow you to think over the functional component of the premises and optimize it.
  3. Further security. Properly drawn up drawings and work performed on them guarantee the strength of the structure, as well as the safety of residents.
  4. Financial savings. A qualified architect will calculate the estimate and submit it for approval to the customer. This will avoid wasted spending or vice versa lack of funds for the purchase of materials.
  5. Simplification of the process of subsequent redevelopment. If the client decides to re-equip his home in the future, an individual project of a private house (ordered in a couple of clicks) will help to quickly determine where the communication systems are and modify them.
  6. A clear action plan for builders. The architectural project of a house, the price of which is affordable from our service, is a structured algorithm that guides the performers. In addition, the client insures himself if he has a house project in the Dnieper, because it indicates the time frame, as well as the cost of the work.

We recommend ordering the design of a wooden house in our company, as the experts of Profi Stroy have studied the market and offer Ukrainians only the most demanded and up-to-date service prices.

If you are interested in the turnkey design of the Dnepr dacha, contact a competent manager. He will answer questions of interest to the client, and also talk about the systems of existing discounts and promotions.

Dnipro house projects are, first of all, a guarantee for the consumer that his home will be comfortable, functional and modern, and we guarantee it. With "Profi Stroy" you will sleep peacefully and save your time!

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