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Profistroy's team of architects, designers, constructors and engineers will make your dreams of the perfect living and leisure space come true.

We will determine the basic concept of the future house, develop the necessary architectural and structural solutions and select all the necessary materials for construction. We will provide comprehensive support for the construction project from the client's first call to commissioning.

The design of a house is not just pretty pictures, but also the many networks, systems, and engineering solutions that are needed to live comfortably and save money for decades to come.

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A bespoke design to suit your needs. We offer possible styles or art options on our part.

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We develop bespoke hotel and restaurant designs. We have something to offer you.

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Everyone dreams and strives to have their own private home. From time to time, you want to avoid the noisy, everyday hustle and bustle, and find yourself in a cozy and comfortable country cottage. The main task here is a properly thought-out architecture of houses, so that the living space fully meets the energy and aesthetics of the owners.

What characteristics is the choice of interior design and architecture based on?

If you want the design and interior of the house to fully meet your preferences and requirements, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. The purpose of the cottage. The choice of interior design & nbsp; completely depends on the purpose of the living space. The building can be used as a main house or summer cottage. If you plan to live in the house permanently, then when forming the design, you need to take into account personal characteristics. A practical architectural style with elements of minimalism can be applied to decorate the summer cottage.
  2. Building area. Some designs are only suitable for light and spacious buildings, others are used to visually increase the space.

The peculiarity of a private house and its character is formed precisely with the help of architectural interiors and designs that are laid down at the initial design stage. Company `` Profi Stroy '' will help you to correctly determine the choice of building architecture for a house in Kherson, so that it fully fulfills its main characteristics and has a long service life.

When the schematic plan and layout of a country cottage are completely ready, the next stage is the design and interior of the house. Construction company services `` Profi Stroy '' in Ukraine will help to create a favorable atmosphere in the premises, where you can always feel cozy and comfortable. The organization employs only qualified specialists with experience in their field of activity. Professionals will always help you choose the perfect style solution, depending on your taste preferences.

Design and architecture of houses & ndash; basic design styles

In the firm `` Profi Stroy '' it is possible to order interior design & nbsp; at an affordable and reasonable price. In each style, the designer will select an individual color scheme and the correct location of furniture and decorative elements. Today, one of the most popular styles of living space is:

  1. Hi-tech. Differs in the predominance of cold colors, the minimum amount of furniture. It is characterized by the use of strict and clear lines.
  2. Provence. This style is characterized by tenderness and lightness. Most often, delicate and calm colors are used. Forged and openwork details are used in decorative elements.
  3. Country. It is considered ideal for decorating the architecture of a country house. It is typical for him to use natural wood. Thanks to this style solution, you can achieve a cozy and unobtrusive atmosphere in rooms with a lot of light.

The full price list for design and architecture services at home in Kherson can be found on the company's website. Each customer will be pleasantly surprised by the low price policy. For architecture, you should use only the design that suits the nature of the owners.

Interior design and architecture in Kherson

Basic interior design services at Profi Stroy

If you want to get high-quality and modern interior design of the house, then the company `` Profi Stroy '' is ready to offer the following types of services:

  1. Fully developed country house interior and design architectural plan by qualified architects. It is designed with engineering and ergonomic requirements in mind.
  2. Construction of houses & nbsp; is carried out using environmentally friendly materials.
  3. 3D modeling. The use of special software helps to see even the smallest decor elements of the future country house.
  4. Development of a modern and original design, taking into account the laying of communications (sewage, water, electricity, gas, electricity).
  5. The use of minimalism in furniture fittings, thanks to which the main functions are preserved.
  6. Registration of necessary documents
  7. Accurate calculation of economic and technical indicators.
  8. Working with ready-made house projects with the possibility of making changes in accordance with the customer's requirements.

Company `` Profi Stroy '' has been involved in house architecture for a long time. To process each order, a team of qualified specialists is provided to help improve any type of premises. The main rule of work for professionals is `` space and functionalism ''. For this reason, house projects in Kherson are created taking into account the wishes of the customer, which are distinguished by originality and low cost. For professional advice, you can call the contact numbers of the organization's employees. At any time convenient for you, they will help you decide on the design, architecture of a country house and give their recommendations.

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