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Building permit in Ukraine

Before starting a large-scale construction, be it a private house or a multi-storey residential complex, you should obtain an appropriate building permit. Thus, the primary task for the construction industry is to obtain a permit for the construction of a private house, in other words, the registration of a package of documents, which is much more important than the construction of the house itself and laying the foundation, the foundation of any structure.

How to get a house building permit?

The company Profi Stroy in Ukraine ensures the construction of houses in Kherson in accordance with the existing project for the organization of private construction and a number of other regulatory legal acts, which is the key to successful construction. If you start the construction of a structure without documentation, you may encounter a number of problems associated with the violation of legal norms governing the process of building an object and transferring it into operation.

A permit to build a house allows you to avoid penalties, which, you see, is not in any way included in the expense items of the budget of the construction company, previously agreed with the customer.

Permit to build a house in Ukraine

In what cases is it mandatory to obtain a building permit? First of all, the owners of the new residential building will have to tinker a little longer with the preparation of the package of documents. In addition to this, house renovation cannot be carried out without the approval of the relevant government authorities. When it comes to changing the form of construction or the purpose of individual rooms, you should consult with the construction company.

A good motivation for developers to timely issue a building permit is the restrictions that are imposed on the owner of a residential property in the absence of such a document.

It is unlikely that without the necessary documentation confirming the compliance of the construction with legal norms, it is possible to donate a property, or to conduct gas and electricity.

A permit to build a private house can be obtained from the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate.
The complexity of the procedure lies in the need to collect a package of documents to send notification of the start of construction work, while the last stage is the acceptance of the facility into operation and the issuance of a certificate of conformity.

Assistance in obtaining permission

Despite the fact that obtaining building permits is not a difficult procedure for developers who come into contact with it quite often, the number of documents and the amount of work associated with their collection can be a little confusing for their clients.

Registration of a building permit

Often, clients of construction companies, and Profi Stroi is no exception, prefer to pre-order a building permit, which is included in the services of a construction company, saving them from unnecessary trouble and anxiety.

According to the norms of current legislation, clients of construction companies can obtain a permit for the construction of a residential facility according to a simplified scheme. The local office of the architectural and construction inspectorate issues a notice confirming the legality of the construction.

To receive such a notification, you need to prepare a certificate of ownership of the land, but do not worry, since lawyers are involved in the preparation of all documentation. The procedure includes the assignment of a cadastral number by the State Register of Real Estate, obtaining a construction passport, without which it is hardly worth planning construction.

Services for obtaining a building permit include the preparation of a passport, TIN of the owner of a land plot, a certificate and other documents confirming ownership of land, and obtaining a building passport without fail.

The construction of houses in Nikolaev and other cities of Ukraine cannot be carried out without an individual project and other accompanying documents, which must be in the package of necessary documents to complete the construction of a residential facility without claims from the relevant government agencies.

Profi Stroy provides ready-made house projects to choose from while advising the client on issues related to the preparation for construction work, turnkey construction and commissioning of the facility, which greatly simplifies the preparation process and reduces the time allotted for competent drawing up of a plan at home.

The cost of services of a construction company depends on the volume of planned work, therefore the price is provided upon the individual request of the client. To order a service for obtaining a building permit, we recommend starting with a specialist consultation.

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