To order knitting of fittings (armokarkasa) in Kherson the price PROFI STORY to hire professional builders Kherson Nikolaev

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To order knitting of fittings (armokarkasa) in Kherson the price PROFI STORY to hire professional builders Kherson Nikolaev

Reinforcement knitting is an important stage in building the foundation of a building. It is precisely on the correctness and reliability of the reinforcing cage that the durability, endurance and reliability of the fundamental support and, accordingly, the entire structure will depend. When knitting the reinforcement of the foundation for pouring concrete, it is important to take into account every detail - the type used, the method and material of connecting the steel rods into a single structure.
Вязать армокаркас в херсоне николаеве на заказ

How to choose the right fittings for knitting?
The fittings are selected taking into account its diameter, class and material of manufacture. This information, as a rule, is clearly regulated at the stage of project development and the type is determined individually for different objects.

  • The diameter of the rods is determined taking into account the weight of the future structure and the characteristics of the local soil - heaving and humidity, which contributes to a change in the depth of the foundation. The only steady rule is that the thicker the rod, the greater the load it can withstand. For structures made of light materials, rods with a diameter of at least 2 cm are used. For dimensional ones, with a minimum diameter of 1.4 cm.
    -The class of fittings determines the degree of its flexibility and ease of use. Most often, rods of class A-3 are used (bends up to 90 degrees), less often - A-2 (bends up to 180 degrees).

  • The material of manufacture can also be used different. Among the options are classic steel bars and, recently arrived on the market, fiberglass products. They are distinguished by increased operational and practical characteristics.

Reinforcement knitting methods

нанять строителей для вязки армокаркаса в херсоне николаеве профи строй

Knitting reinforcement under the foundation can be carried out using the following materials: Knitting wire made of low carbon steel grade. There is black (pure) wire and white (galvanized). The latter reduces the likelihood of corrosion. Knitting reinforcement with wire is the most budgetary and familiar way;

Plastic clamps are more convenient for work, because they are easier to bend and twist, they are not susceptible to corrosion. The safest and most reliable type is a clamp with a steel wire in the core. Knitting reinforcement with plastic clamps began to gain popularity not so long ago and are rapidly gaining momentum;
Special plastic clips - are most often used in combination with fiberglass reinforcement. Easy to use, less time consuming.

In the process, special attention must be paid to the reliability of fixing the knitting reinforcement in the corners.

Binding reinforcement to the foundation is a painstaking process that requires careful attention to the reliability of the fastening of rods at each intersection. Manually completing a task is 100% qualitatively difficult, therefore, special tools are used in the work to facilitate the process.
Crochet reinforcement is the most common method among those who are engaged in the installation of a reinforcing frame on their own, since creating a hook requires a minimum of financial and time investment; Knitting using a special automatic pistol, which in most cases is used by professionals of construction companies; Knitting reinforcement with pincers or similar devices with blunt ends. This method is the least convenient for twisting the wire.

The design of the reinforcing frame differs significantly depending on the requirements for its endurance and the type of structure, the basis of which it should become: Knitting reinforcement of a monolithic plate implies the creation of an integral structure, with parallel intersecting rods and forming a grid with cells of the same size; Reinforcement knitting in the strip foundation is a monolithic frame that repeats the length and perimeter of the bearing walls of the future structure.

Given the complexity and responsibility of the process, this task is best left to professionals. In a construction company, the price for knitting reinforcement is low, and the quality of the final product is guaranteed to be on top.

Вязать армокаркас в херсоне николаеве стоимость цена профи строй

Knitting fittings in Kherson from the company Profi Stroy

Construction company Profi Stroy provides services of knitting reinforcement according to SNIP (construction norms and rules) in Kherson. We provide a full range of services for the calculation, formation and installation of reinforcing structures for all types of foundations, for the installation of reinforced belts and monolithic floor slabs. At the same time, the cost of work per square meter is affordable and profitable for knitting reinforcement, compared with the cost of time and money when working independently.

When ordering knitting of foundation reinforcement for concrete pouring with us, you are guaranteed to get a reliable, durable and safe construction, with which your foundation and home will be durable and safe for life. You can also order concrete work from us in Kherson or calculate the cost of building a foundation

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