To order a finishing screed (3D polymer bulk floors) to hire builders in Kherson Nikolaev the price of professional finishers

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To order a finishing screed (3D polymer bulk floors) to hire builders in Kherson Nikolaev the price of professional finishers

Self-leveling floor - this is one of the types of finishing screed, using quick-setting mixtures. This kind of flooring has a lot of advantages along with the traditional concrete finish.

Forms a completely tight monolithic surface without seams;
Lies on the surface with a thin layer;
Filling is done in a short time;
Suitable for both residential apartments and houses, as well as for industrial facilities.
On a bulk floor, the price in Ukraine is higher, compared with a concrete screed, but the cost is more than justified by the qualitative characteristics of the mixture.

Наливные полы в херсоне и николаеве заказать рассчитать цену

Features and technology of filling the bulk floor The materials of the self-leveling floor include plastic plaster on a gypsum or cement basis, with the help of which a final floor screed is made (bumps and defects are eliminated, the surface is prepared for finishing) and finishing mixtures capable of self-leveling for final processing.

Leveling agents have a composition on a gypsum or cement basis and do not have the property of self-leveling. Quick-hardening mixtures are poured in the same manner as in cement-sand leveling: The surface is prepared - it is cleaned of dust and litter, seams and joints are closed, the primer is applied and brought to dry; Beacons are installed that serve as the upper point of the floor; The mixture is poured and leveled at lighthouses; A needle roller is used to seal and eliminate air bubbles.
заказать наливные полы в херсоне николаеве под ключ цена

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Such mixtures begin to solidify after 15-20 minutes after filling and closing the room. To get the highest quality result, you need to isolate the room from direct sunlight and drafts. Work should be carried out during a period of temperature stability from +5 to +20 degrees.

After 3 days, further finishing work is allowed - laying tiles, pouring the finish mixture, for which the coating is already prepared - bumps and cracks are eliminated so that the mass solidifies evenly and does not lose its strength.

Bulk floor today is used universally both in residential premises and in industrial enterprises. In commercial buildings with high traffic and increased loads, polyurethane binders and epoxy mixtures are most often used. For apartments, houses and offices - gypsum and cement mortars. But, taking into account the different humidity levels in different rooms, different mixtures can also be used for the floor inside the apartment - cement bulk floor in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, and gypsum in dry rooms with low humidity

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The cost of a bulk floor in Kherson and Ukraine
As a rule, on a bulk floor, the cost depends on the following factors:

  • The initial state of the floor is the presence of large recesses, cracks;
  • Quadrature - it is worth noting that on a bulk floor, the price per m2 is reduced in large rooms;

The materials used, which are determined individually for different objects, depending on the operating conditions of the future floor.

If you are interested in the price in Kherson on a bulk floor, you plan to order a turnkey repair in Kherson, please contact the managers of the construction company Profi Stroy for advice and calculation of the cost.

Заказать наливные полы в херсоне николаеве профи строй

To order bulk floors in Kherson in the company Profi Stroy The final floor screed is one of the main specializations of the Profi Stroy company in Kherson. We provide pouring floor filling services, the price of which pleases with its availability, combined with high quality and durability. When ordering our services, you get the qualifications of experienced professionals working for durability and reliability for your home.

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