To order monolithic concrete Armopoyas to hire builders the price of installation in Kherson and Nikolaev

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To order monolithic concrete Armopoyas to hire builders the price of installation in Kherson and Nikolaev

Pouring Armopoyas to hire builders the price of installation in Kherson Armopoyas is a monolithic reinforced concrete structure along the walls of the house. It serves to strengthen and increase the building's resistance to deforming loads, such as uneven subsidence of the building and the soil beneath it, various natural factors. Filling the armopoyas is a necessary stage in the construction, because it allows for a significant part to extend the life of the building. Particularly important is the filling of the armored belt on aerated concrete, since its strength and resistance to aggressive environment are lower than that of analogues.

армопояс в херсоне залить строители нанятьFeatures pouring armopoyas The design of the armo-belt is a rigidly connected reinforcement cage, cast in concrete. Thus, the required strength is achieved. But, such a simple structural element is not so simple to manufacture and has many important subtleties. This justifies the price for filling the armo-belt. The installation process of a reinforced concrete belt is divided into 3 stages:

  1. The manufacture of the reinforcing frame - is made from reinforcement that sets the structure to stiffness. The installation of the frame is carried out first and foremost - the reinforcement segments are installed at the corners and perimeter of the wall with a distance of 1-5 meters. After, the bottom row of reinforcement is horizontally attached to the vertical base. In parallel, the lying rods are connected by short marks. In a similar way, vertically standing segments are attached, on which the upper row of reinforcement is knitted.

  2. Installation of formwork - collapsible or fixed form, in which the solution will be poured. The advantage of collapsible formwork is that it can be made of any sheet material. Often used boards. The non-removable structure has great reliability during concreting, since its parts cannot be moved apart. The price in 2017 depends on the choice of the type of formwork and on the filling of the armo-belt.

  3. Concreting is the final and one of the most critical stages. It is important to observe the norms and technical rules so that the seismic belt serves for a long time to protect the structure. Can be carried out filling armopoyas manually or using pumps. The quality of concrete should not be lower than B15, and with the independent production of the mixture, the calculation of cement, sand and crushed stone is carried out in a ratio of 1: 2: 2. It is worth using a depth vibrator to remove excess air from the solution. With this approach, the occurrence of air holes and bumps is excluded.
    It is worth remembering that the reinforcing belt is a monolithic structure, and concreting is best done simultaneously. Filling parts of the armo-belt is not a good idea, since uneven solidification increases the likelihood of cracks. Upon concreting, the stage of care and control follows. It is necessary to cover the concrete with polyethylene and water it in a timely manner. This is necessary to ensure the systematic drying of the mixture and increase its strength characteristics.
    It is worth knowing that pouring armopoyas in frost differs from the process in the warm period. At low temperatures, concrete requires special care - antifrosty additives are added to it, it is maintained at high temperature with hot water, and it is laid only after the mixture reaches 50% “minimum strength”.
    Regardless of whether the armo-belt is poured with a concrete pump or hands, the performance features are not much different. However, labor costs differ during the lifting of materials to the top of the wall, work at heights and the actual preparation of the concrete mix. The cost of manually filling the armopoyas is high, but it can be reduced by using a concrete mixer.

профессиональная бригада строителей бетонщиков херсон профи строй

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