Amnesty building: how to legalize a self-construction in 2019

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Amnesty building: how to legalize a self-construction in 2019

Amnesty building: how to legalize a self-construction in 2019.
This article will be useful to all owners of private houses, cottages and other buildings that were built without obtaining building permits, as well as those who want to draw up documents on the right of ownership or, more simply, legalize the self-construction.
To begin with, a little about what is "permits" (hereinafter referred to as RD) and "ownership" in construction:
The right of ownership confirms that this building has a specific owner or owners, in order to avoid fraud. Those. situations when, after buying a house, you find that other people have already bought it, and the ends of the unfortunate seller have gone into the water, are excluded.
RD is a set of documents that are mandatory when carrying out repair and construction works.
They describe the technical characteristics of the building, excluding any damage that may result from illiterate design and mediocre construction of houses. Reducing such risks to zero is one of our most important tasks as a construction company and general contractor. The construction of structures of any purpose and size is not without difficulties, troubles and great responsibility, because permissions are so important and necessary.
The composition of the permits usually includes: changes regarding the available allotment of land, technical conditions for connecting the house to communications, a town-planning plan for the plot, a decision on the technical inspection of the building, a building permit, as well as a commissioning permit.
строительная амнистия, легализация самостроев, получение разрешительной документации на строительтсво

In April 2018, the president signed a law that makes it possible to draw up documents on the ownership right of building owners without permits. And in January 2019, changes were made to the procedure for technical inspection and commissioning of self-construction, which made it possible to simplify the procedure for obtaining taxiways.
Now legalizing your private home has become much easier and more affordable, but whatever you do, this process is still time-consuming and requires certain knowledge. Our company "Profi Stroy" provides a number of services for obtaining permits for construction. You can also order a project of a private house, a summer residence, a cottage from us, their repair or turnkey construction. Buildings and structures falling under the construction amnesty:
-residential private houses, cottages, cottages with a total area of ​​not more than 300 sq.m. country buildings for household purposes with a total area of ​​300 sq.m. agricultural warehouses, farms, other buildings and structures. In order to apply the amnesty to self-construction, the structure must comply with the intended purpose, as well as undergo a technical inspection. The exceptions are garages built on the territory of the house and high-rise buildings themselves. They do not fall under the amnesty.

строительная амнистия, легализация самостроев, получение разрешительной документации на строительтство

What documents are needed to legalize self-construction: the owner must write an application for acceptance of the facility into operation. If there are several owners, they must sign a document. copy of owner’s passport technical passport with a mark on carrying out technical inspection (certified copy) and report on conducting technical inspection declaration of readiness for operation certified copies of documents that certify the ownership of the land where the construction is located It is important to note that the construction amnesty is unlimited, and penalties for self-construction that will be legalized under the construction amnesty are excluded.


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