The main functions and differences of the general contractor and subcontractor. The benefits and reasons for subcontracting work

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The main functions and differences of the general contractor and subcontractor. The benefits and reasons for subcontracting work

Turning to the construction company, you may encounter situations that may confuse you, and specifically, cases when the construction company hires subcontractors to fulfill your order, naturally, invoicing for its services to the general contractor.

The situation at first glance is really strange and the logical question arises "why am I paying intermediaries?"
In this article I will talk about the role that each of the contractors play, the reasons and benefits of this practice.

The general contractor in industrial construction is a large company with huge administrative capacities. In some cases, at their headquarters there are a huge number of specialists of the highest category from designers to foremen. Also, they may have at their disposal all the required heavy equipment or tools for construction and repair work and much more. In other cases, the general contractor company can be engaged exclusively in "paper" work: the conclusion of contracts, obtaining permits, it’s also not uncommon for them to order a project of a house, cottage or cottage and much more.

A subcontractor is hired to carry out specific work. Although it is not rare that a subcontractor can also engage in design, construction and installation, finishing and other works. Most often, the main task of a subcontractor firm is to provide high-class craftsmen in sufficient volume to complete the task as soon as possible, for example design repair of an apartment or a private house according to the project of the general contractor

The general contractor takes responsibility for the quality and timing of the execution of the order and is the main responsible person in fulfilling the terms of the contracts, therefore it can be said with accuracy that they are interested in the good work of the subcontractor no less than the customer.
A competent general contractor uses the services of only the same competent construction companies.

генеральный подрядчик строительная компания профи строй херсон.

The benefits of such cooperation are obvious: each company strengthens its weaknesses to achieve the best results, creating an environment of healthy competition.

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