Design and installation of electricians in a private house, apartment, cottage, cottage. Profi Stroy

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Design and installation of electricians in a private house, apartment, cottage, cottage. Profi Stroy

It is difficult to imagine a modern world without electricity. It is quite possible to say that we are dependent on it, because accidents or interruptions in the power supply systems are inconvenient at best, and sometimes can even lead to irreversible consequences. Therefore, uninterrupted supply of electric current to your home is one of the main tasks even before putting the house into operation. This article will focus on the installation of the mains.

Designing a power supply system is the most important step for achieving comfort and safety. Especially the early stage of design, which requires the active participation of the customer. Do not be frightened by this, because correcting errors and processing will cost much more than a few hours of working in a team with specialists. We recommend ordering a project and all subsequent work in one company. Practice shows that this can significantly reduce risks and speeds up the solution of complex issues during the planning and installation of the power grid. In addition, you will be able to avoid situations when the project has requirements that put installers into a dead end.
монтаж электричества в квартире или частном доме профи строй

When designing the power supply system of any object, we provide for a couple of electricity distribution schemes: main (working) and emergency, in case of unforeseen circumstances. This is very popular among our customers, including for public organizations, where the disconnection of the electric current is unacceptable.

монтаж электричества в квартире или частном доме профи строй

The working draft of the electric network mainly consists of the following stages:

  • obtaining and processing source data, including object plans (general and floor), location schemes of sockets and switches, those conditions and the like;
  • calculation of electrical loads, determination and increase of the threshold of allocated power;
  • Association of consumers of electricity (sockets, lamps, etc.);
  • determining the location of electrical wires, which includes the design of power circuits and lighting schemes, as well as the selection of brands and cross-sections of cables and devices to meet all safety rules;
  • development of protective measures against short circuits, which provides for the organization of processes such as determining the locations of devices for protective shutdown of the power supply and the grounding system, the selection of such equipment, as well as ensuring a voltage of no higher than 12 V in the control circuits of lighting devices;
  • design of electrical panels.

As a result of the work performed, design documentation is compiled, consisting of graphic and text parts.
We can order design and installation of communications for a private house, including power supply. Call, you will like the result!

монтаж электрики в квартире или частном доме профи строй

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