Connection of communications in a private house, cottage or cottage. Profi Stroy

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Connection of communications in a private house, cottage or cottage. Profi Stroy

Each person, at least once, but built in his head how his ideal home would look. Some want them to have a warm toilet in the house, and for some it is more convenient if it is on the street. Central autonomous heating or own stove?

Today, designing your dream home is not a big deal. The main thing in this business for the customer is to find the best specialists in this business and trust in their skill.

In Profi Stroy you can order an individual cottage project for a specific budget

What is engineering communications in a private house?

For each person, the concept of "communication" is different. Some say that a standard set is enough for them: water, electricity, gas, heating.

But, if you want a toilet in the house, air conditioning, and other pleasant “little things in life”, you need to additionally conduct sewage, as well as ventilation.

We tried to highlight the main modern communications in a private house:

  1. plumbing
  2. gas
  3. light
  4. sewage
  5. heating
  6. ventilation

We will try to briefly talk about each item separately. And for more detailed information, you can contact the phone number: 095 391 88 85, or contact the address: 11 Yaroslav the Wise.

  • Water pipes

At the moment, not everyone can afford centralized water supply on the site. Therefore, they came up with other variations of the "delivery" of water to the house. If there is an open pond near the house, or a well, then it remains to add a pump, and there will be no more problems. But there is one important point. Water purification. Or at least do an analysis on various bacteria or harmful chemical elements. As a result, various filtering variations can help in this problem.
During construction, a whole system of pipes is used for water intake. For this, various plumbing is used. And it should be in the ratio of price / quality. There is a lot of choice in the market, and the task is to choose exactly what suits you.

  • Gas supply in a private house

The easiest way to use gas is to connect to a central gas supply. If this is not possible, then the option of liquefied gas. Of course, together with a reservoir for its storage. At the moment, gas heating is becoming popular.

  • Power supply of a private house

Even in the most equipped areas, there are power outages. Therefore, as a safety net, you can use generators that can run on various fuels: gasoline, sun, wind. To do this, you need to know how much you will use kW in general, and due to this it will be possible to choose exactly what suits you. And most importantly, contact the professionals!

  • Sewerage in a private house.

Again, if you have the opportunity to bring the central sewage system, then you can avoid a lot of issues and costs. If you still do not have such an opportunity, then these options are for you.

  1. A cesspool (it is not so difficult to make, but the main minus: it does not last so long and is not convenient enough to use)
  2. A better option is its own camera system for cleaning waste.
  3. The most expensive option: its own biological treatment plant. But, a big plus in it is that it can last without problems for more than half a century.
  • Heating in a private house

How does heating work? The main element is a boiler that can run on a variety of fuels: pellets, wood, fuel oil, etc. Most systems now operate in an automatic machine, or in a semi-automatic machine. Also, more and more often, customers want to make “warm” floors, which our experts can install on a professional level.

  • Ventilation

The design of this system should occur along with the design of the house. There are three types of ventilation: forced, natural, mixed. It can be different, but the main thing is that it is effective just for you.

As you can see, there are various subspecies in communications, and which ones are suitable for you, it is necessary to decide already during the design of the house. To do this, we recommend that you look into our office and discuss all the details in more detail.

Waiting for you!

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