Design and installation of autonomous power supply systems for houses, cottages, cottages. Profi Stroy

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Design and installation of autonomous power supply systems for houses, cottages, cottages. Profi Stroy

I’m sure you have already heard about autonomous power supply systems, for example, solar panels or wind generators, because the advantages they provide help to seriously save, and sometimes even avoid unpleasant emergency situations. In some cases, autonomy is almost the only option, such as autonomous power supply for a country house or cottage. In this article I will try to help you decide on the choice of the AE system, as well as describe the advantages and disadvantages.
First of all, briefly about the pros and cons of all systems in general.


  1. Lack of consumption standards and fees for the amount of electricity used. You pay only for the product itself, installation and, possibly, maintenance
  2. No voltage drops and scheduled / non-scheduled outages.
  3. As a rule, these systems have a long service life and extremely rarely fail, due to compliance with basic operating rules.
  4. Excess capacity can be sold to the state at a green tariff. Simply put, while you are not at the cottage or at home, your "baby" is working out the money invested, and eventually will even earn money for you
  5. The profitability of real estate is much higher

проектирование и монтаж солнечных генераторов. Профи Строй


  1. The cost of equipment may seem high. Simply put, not everyone can afford.
  2. Installation without a project or incorrect calculation of technical parameters affects not only your comfort, but also the equipment itself. Maybe he won’t even have time to pay off.
  3. In a situation where the system is still out of order, repair will cost a lot of money. In addition, during the repair, connected communications and equipment will not be available.
  4. Although the owner himself takes care of the electricity network for a significant part of the time, some work may require certain skills and knowledge of specialists, which again is not cheap.

проектирование и монтаж ветровых генераторов. Профи Строй

The most popular types of autonomous power supply systems:

  1. diesel / gas fuel generators. Perhaps the fastest and easiest way to provide electricity to the house. Such a generator does not depend on weather or season, but requires a special fuel storage on the land. Suitable as a backup source.
  2. solar collectors and batteries. A great option for a private home. Maintenance consists in timely cleaning of panels from dust and debris. Batteries allow you to accumulate converted solar energy and use it at any time of the day. The solar system does not need to be adjusted, therefore the equipment does not need to be turned on or off.
  3. batteries of increased volume and power. The principle of operation is to store energy and replace the main power source when necessary.
  4. hydroelectric systems. This option is good if there is a river or lake in close proximity to the house. It is quite simple to operate and can fully provide housing with electricity.
  5. wind turbines. A great alternative to solar panels, if you suddenly can not place them. An important condition is a constant vortex flow.

проектирование и монтаж автономных систем электропитания. Профи Строй
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