Designing building facades for commercial establishments and private houses, cottages, cottages. Profi Stroy

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Designing building facades for commercial establishments and private houses, cottages, cottages. Profi Stroy

The facade of the house is an important tool on which the first impression of the owner of the house or the institution as a whole depends, if it is specifically about commercial buildings for example. Hence the great demand for the design and decoration of facades, because the desire to make your home unique is inherent in every person. You will most likely have a question: “Stop! Do you really need a project for the facades of the house?” and I will answer “YES!” because firstly, the design of the facade can include a lot of various decorative elements, moldings, cornices, lighting and the more such details, the more difficult it is for the performers to clearly complete the task.
Secondly, project documentation will help to monitor the implementation of all work in accordance with SNiP.
Проектирование фасадов частного дома дачи коттеджа. Профи Строй
This is your opportunity to play it safe and transfer responsibility to people who are ready to take it upon themselves and answer for each item, because problems may not appear immediately. An example I described in an article about insulation of private houses, cottages and cottages from aerated concrete, where, using standard materials, “specialists” shifted the dew point, thereby greatly reducing the service life of the supporting structures. Simply put, you either buy a project, or risk buying an unpleasant experience more expensive.
Заказать проект фасада дома для частного дома дачи коттеджа. Профи Строй

In addition, the choice of new materials for the decoration of facades is now quite large and most of them perform not only decorative, but also practical functions. It is, of course, about improving thermal insulation, noise reduction, protective and other properties. The project will allow you to avoid processing and overpayments due to the correct selection of materials to achieve a specific result.

How much is the facade project and how to calculate it correctly
The issue of price is very important for each of us, but since for each particular case a different number of working hours is spent, its price can vary from $ 100 to seemingly cosmic $ 1,000 and above. The best way to ask the price in advance is to meet with a representative of our company and set a task.
Проект фасада дома дачи коттеджа купить. Профи Строй 

Contact us if you plan to order the decoration of the facades of a house, cottage, cottage or commercial premises (cafes, bars, restaurants). Our team has masters of different directions from top architects and designers, to high-rise workers and finishers of high skill level. I am sure the result will please you!

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