Construction of private houses, summer residences and cottages in Kherson. Profi Stroy

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Construction of private houses, summer residences and cottages in Kherson. Profi Stroy

The country house is the dream of many Kherson people, because this is a place where, away from the bustle of the city, you can relax your body and soul, regardless of the time of year.
However, few people decide to build a cottage in Kherson because, firstly, the construction of a house has always been particularly difficult and troublesome, and secondly, such a process requires serious cash injections. In addition, for most Kherson residents this is almost the first life experience, therefore, there is often a huge loss of time and energy at almost every stage of construction. In this article I will tell you how we build, how much the construction costs and why it is worth ordering the construction of a cottage in SK Profi Stroy

The device of a country house can be divided into 7 stages, at each of which you can get professional help from our company Profi Stroy:

  1. registration of permits
  2. cottage design, design
  3. preparation of the site for construction work, demolition of old buildings on the site and other dismantling
  4. construction of the foundation, walls, roof, as well as architectural supervision
  5. connection of communications
  6. interior and exterior decoration
  7. commissioning and commissioning

строительство коттеджа под ключ профи строй


How much does it cost to build a cottage?

Building a private country house requires a lot of money - this is the opinion of most people who have a dream about their own cottage and perhaps the main reason why most of us do not dare to make our dreams a reality.
At the same time, each (even typical) house project is tied to the local conditions of the site, therefore the final construction price is always strictly individual for everyone.

The best solution for you would be order a standard or individual cottage project for a specific budget.

Why recommend us

Over 5 years of work, we have created more than 700 projects of varying complexity. Among them are both standard and individual projects of private houses, cottages and cottages; design projects of apartments, houses; projects of pools, foundations, facades and much more. We have built more than 30 private houses; more than 50 design repairs and a huge number of construction and installation works, including partial repairs, were made. For all the time we managed to gain a reputation as a highly professional responsible executive.

Order a turnkey cottage construction with us and join hundreds of our satisfied customers!

строительство коттеджа под ключ профи строй

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