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Order a communications project in Kherson. Profi Stroy

Modern private houses are equipped no worse than apartments in a metropolis, they also have: heating, lighting, water supply, sewage and other communications. Even if the house is remote from all centralized systems, you can organize a good engineering infrastructure. After all installations, if everything is designed and laid correctly, future owners of the house will not have any problems with its operation.

So, most likely you have the most important question: where to start?

The very first thing to do is to design a project (contact a specialist).

It is worth saying that only a specialized company can develop a quality project. Which will have enough experience and licenses to perform all work.

In order to create a house you need a house plan and a conversation with its owner. For development, you need to know a few important details.

  • how many people will live;
  • how much energy and water consuming equipment is in the building
  • a house as a seasonal or permanent housing?

It is necessary to consider all the features of planning a house and its owners. Answers to these questions will help create the optimal project.
Already on the basis of the project, a technical task is created for the design of communications in the house. And also, at this stage, a preliminary estimate is created, a network diagram, communications drawings, the main nodes are detailed.
Important: all drawings must be very detailed, indicating the length of the pipeline sections, the installation locations of the control valves and other details.
The area of ​​country cottages is usually much larger, which means that the load on the system will be higher. Therefore, utilities in the house should be equipped with more powerful equipment. In addition, many houses are built far from the main networks, and therefore engineers have to look for alternative solutions.

What are the features of installing communications in a private house?

  1. Sewerage. Before you start choosing equipment and creating a project for sewer networks, you need to determine their performance, the desired depth of the sewer pipe and the height of the groundwater, as well as the location of the pit for the tank - it should be at least 4-6 meters from the building.
  2. Heating can be gas, electric, solid or liquid fuel, or combined. Often, the organization of a heating system and hot water supply in a private house requires the allocation of a separate room for this purpose - a boiler room.
  3. To create a power supply project, it is necessary to make an accurate calculation of energy consumption - the choice of wires and protective devices depends on these figures. Before starting work, it is necessary to conclude a contract for the power supply of the house, and after laying the wiring and connecting the equipment, you need to install a meter and open an account to pay for electricity.

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