To order the project of a concrete pool in Kherson. Profi Stroy

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To order the project of a concrete pool in Kherson. Profi Stroy

The construction of a swimming pool in a private house, a fairly frequent desire among customers, is also in the construction of hotels, or sports clubs. Probably everyone knows about the positive impact of water procedures on health!

And with what pleasure you could splash in the warm, clear water on a sunny day in the backyard of your own home. Then sit on a comfortable deck chair and sunbathe under the rays of the scorching sun.

In this article we will tell you what are the stages in the design and construction of the pool.

There are three types of pools according to (according to the nature of the water exchange):

  1. Water circulates in a confined space (Recirculation)
  2. Continuous water flow (Flowing)
  3. A complete drain, and a new filling after each client. (For medical facilities)

In order to build a concrete pool you need enough knowledge and experience. In Profi Stroy, we selected the best specialists in their field. Confirmation of the reviews of our wonderful customers. Also, we can order DESIGN REPAIR OF HOUSES TURNKEY PROFI STORY

What are the pros and cons in this design?

To begin, we will tell you about the advantages of a concrete pool:

    • the most durable, reliable in use design of all possible;
    • concrete - a malleable material, from it you can fill a bowl of any shape;
    • any communications can be established. (backlight, hydromassage);
    • durability of concrete, if it is poured correctly;
    • can be decorated with various finishing materials;
    • can be equipped with stairs of various types;

The disadvantages in this option are also present (where without them):

    • as we wrote earlier, the construction of a concrete pool is very laborious and requires no small efforts. In addition to pouring concrete, the work includes: waterproofing, installing hydraulic equipment, finishing, preparing a foundation pit, and more;
    • price. This is not the cheapest option "pool of your dreams." Material costs, labor;
To clarify the prices for the construction of the pool, call: 095 391 88 85 Valery;
    • deadlines. They are not extended for one month of work;
    • Maintenance of such a pool requires effort, expense, and time.

If we talk about the very structure of the pool, then it includes three components:

  1. hydraulic engineering (supply, discharge, water purification);
  2. the thicket itself (its shape, finish);
  3. additional equipment (stairs, jumps, slides, etc.);

The customer himself determines what he needs. Of course, I want everything and everywhere, but this will not be enough. And you must be prepared for this.

Before you take up shovels and start digging. You should determine for yourself what length and depth you want to build for yourself. If purely for adults, then you can safely from 1.5 to 2m. If there will also be children, then about 1m. There is a variant of building a mixed type (divided into different depths). But, this is an individual choice of each.

The construction of the pool is no less labor-intensive and time-consuming, as is your own home. You should always be treated with responsibility and due attention. Therefore. We recommend that you contact companies that have established themselves in the services market.

How to contact us? By number: 095 391 88 85 (Valery)

How to get to us? Kherson. Yaroslav the Wise 11

Waiting for you!

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