To hire professional finishers for internal and external works in Kherson Profi Stroy

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To hire professional finishers for internal and external works in Kherson Profi Stroy

Finishing master - often, this is a generic name for the profession. In this category there are such profile specialists: tiler, finisher, plasterer, drywall worker, installer and others.

Very often, in many companies it is customary to hire one person for several works, since it is generally accepted that the finisher is a universal wizard. But, in reality, this master can perfectly lay tiles, but not very well versed in drywall.

Prof. Stroy is different in that every worker does exactly what he understands best. Master of his craft. The quality of the work performed is important to us.


Finishing is already the final part of the work. In other words, this is the final work process. Conducted both outside and inside the facility.

We analyze the features of each individually.

Exterior finishing includes the following types of construction work:

  • plaster
  • wall cladding
  • home insulation
  • painting
  • appearance design
  • project decoration

Interior decoration:

  • plaster
  • painting
  • stretch ceiling
  • alignment of walls
  • waterproofing
  • design / decoration
  • other finishing work

The internal work is carried out together with the designer. Our designers can develop a design project for you 

Despite the fact that finishing work is the final part. They are the most labor intensive and material intensive. It takes about 30-40% of the total construction volume. To begin the execution of finishing work, all previous stages of construction must be completed.

Finishing is the “face” of the building, therefore, special attention should be paid to the quality of work, it is this stage that will give individuality to the interior.
Scope of finishing work

Regardless of the amount of work of interior decoration, all stages must be done in strict order:

  1. wet work
  2. dry work

Wet work includes: stucco, concrete, putty (where water will be used)
Dry works include: wallpapering, tile, drywall, flooring.

Of course, such a separation is arbitrary for us.
Our company guarantees reasonable prices and quality work. Contact us by phone number: 095 391 88 85 (Valery). Or come to our office: Yaroslav the Wise 11.
Looking forward to seeing you!

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