Construction of the foundation for the fence in Kherson. Profi Stroy

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Construction of the foundation for the fence in Kherson. Profi Stroy

The fence can be erected both in an urban environment and beyond. The main purpose of the fence is to protect it from uninvited guests. Therefore, when installing it, you need to keep in mind several very important factors.

One of the most basic elements for a fence is its foundation (foundation). The strength and stability of the whole structure depends on how the foundation was laid.

The main function of the foundation is the distribution of the entire load, which prevents possible tears and deformations in the fence structure.

Before starting construction, you need to pay attention to such points:

  1. material to be used in construction;
  2. what is the height of the structure;
  3. soil features;
  4. features of the relief in the structure.

Adhering to these parameters, you can determine a more optimal option for the construction. If you plan to install a more decorative version of the fence, a shallowly buried foundation is suitable. If a heavier structure, then a more solid and reliable foundation is arranged.

With us you can order the construction of the foundation in Kherson, calculate the price and cost of the construction of the foundation. We guarantee that our team has enough experience in this field.

What should I look for when choosing a foundation?

Regardless of the choice of the fence, its type, design features and soil characteristics, we strongly recommend contacting our specialists. Since, each individual type of foundation must comply with certain building codes. An important issue is the budget allocated for the construction of the foundation, on the basis of which construction materials will be selected.

There are 5 types of foundation for the fence:

  1. Tape (monolithic) is a reinforced concrete tape deepened into the ground, on which a fence is subsequently installed. It is great for brick fences, as well as for lighter wooden or corrugated fences.
  2. The columnar foundation for the fence is the simplest, therefore, the most budgetary type of foundation. The construction principle in this case involves the installation of support pillars directly into the ground, pouring them at the base with concrete and further lining with basic material.
  3. Pile foundations for the fence can be installed on all types of soil, as its fence will rely on screw metal piles, or reinforced concrete. For their deepening, special equipment is often used, which requires large costs compared to other types of foundation.
  4. Column - strip foundation for fences is a combined type of foundation and is intended mainly for installation on a deep freezing primer. The main load is distributed between concrete tapes that reinforce the entire structure.
  5. The foundation for a stone-based fence, it is distinguished by its reliability and durability. The principle of construction is similar to the technology of the strip foundation: concrete mortar is poured onto the crushed stone pillow, however, stones of various sizes will be present in the “body” of the foundation (backing).

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