Order Concrete monolithic construction in Kherson Profi Stroy Nikolaev

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Order Concrete monolithic construction in Kherson Profi Stroy Nikolaev

Concrete monolithic construction
Monolithic construction is a technology for the construction of buildings from reinforced concrete. This type of work is used everywhere - in the construction of private and multi-storey residential buildings, industrial and commercial premises, state and military facilities.

This is due to the following advantages and advantages:
Speed ​​of work;
Increased strength and durability - the design has a monolithic shape without seams, which reduces the risk of cracks, increases the sound and thermal insulation of the building;
A variety of shapes and configurations;
Frost resistance.


As a rule, the price for monolithic construction is higher than for frame-panel construction, but investments in reinforced concrete construction imply long-term operation. Its strength characteristics are so high that it is able to withstand an earthquake of 8 points. Therefore, bunkers and subway configurations are constructed in this way.
Technology of monolithic construction Monolithic construction of houses, the technology of which may differ depending on the type of construction, is divided into 6 basic stages: - Laying the foundation - a reinforced concrete foundation that receives and distributes the load of the building
- Reinforcing frame knitting - the connected reinforcing bars hold concrete and give it strength. The frame determines the shape of the future building, and therefore the complexity of the implementation of this stage depends on the layout;
- The construction of formwork - a frame for walls, into which concrete is subsequently poured. Depending on the type of structure, removable and fixed formwork is used. The static fixed structure is made of polystyrene foam and has the form of a hollow block consisting of 2 panels connected by jumpers and, most often, used for monolithic construction of a private house and other small-sized structures. After pouring and hardening of the concrete mixture, the formwork plays the role of additional thermal insulation. Collapsible formwork is most often used for the construction of multi-storey and office buildings;
- Pouring concrete mix –– for the construction of a dimensional house, it is worth ordering the production of concrete and its delivery from the factory. This approach will significantly reduce the cooking time. And the monolithic construction of cottages, private houses and other small buildings allows you to prepare the mixture directly at the construction site. The filling is carried out using a crane or concrete pump, followed by the stage of tamping using a deep or surface vibrator;
- Care of the mixture - systematic drying of the concrete mixture is ensured - the surface is covered with polyethylene and a wetting procedure is periodically performed. This approach eliminates the likelihood of cracks;
- Formwork removal - is carried out only after the mixture has completely dried. If you remove it too soon, the probability of destruction is high.

нанять строителей бетонщиков в херсоне николаеве     Monolithic construction of multi-storey buildings, the technology of which differs from the equipment used in the construction of small buildings, is more difficult to implement. In addition to the standard stages, it is necessary to carry out a set of measures to install a more complex set of interconnected systems for ensuring vital functions - heating, ventilation, sewage and water supply, electricity.
The cost of services of construction companies depends on the amount of work and time spent on their implementation - so, for a monolithic construction of a private house, the price will be much lower, compared with a multi-story building.

Заказать строителей для строительства монолитного здания Херсон Николаев Профи Строй

To order services of concrete monolithic construction in Kherson in the company Profi Stroy
Each stage of monolithic construction of houses has its own characteristics, on which the reliability and durability of the structure being built depend. Despite widespread use, monolithic technology is still an innovation. The service of monolithic construction is not offered by many specialized companies, and even fewer specialists can provide quality execution.
Monolithic construction of multi-storey buildings and small-sized residential facilities in Kherson is one of the main specializations of the company Profi Stroy. We will carry out a full range of work in accordance with state norms and rules, taking into account the wishes of the customer. Turning to us, you are guaranteed to get a reliable structure for life and business! To learn more about what houses we are building, to order the construction of a house in Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa, or you can calculate the price by clicking on the link
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