Masonry of walls from a ceramic block in Kherson. Profi Stroy

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Masonry of walls from a ceramic block in Kherson. Profi Stroy

Ceramoblock is a stone of complex shape, which was created artificially.

Ceramic blocks are also called: ceramic stone, large-format stone, warm ceramics. But, this does not change their universal properties.

Ceramoblock is a universal material. It is used in the construction of industrial and residential buildings, low-rise and high-rise buildings.

What are the advantages of ceramic stone?

    • less mortar is used (which is more economical than masonry bricks);
    • due to its size, the speed of construction of the building increases;
    • the block itself is not heavy, this allows you to reduce the cost of laying the foundation;
    • when using ceramoblock, total costs are reduced by approximately 30 - 40%;
    • It is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Important: in the manufacture of large-format ceramics, only natural materials are used (water, wood sawdust, clay).

For those who want their home to be made of natural materials, which will retain heat in this case, choose ceramics.

But, the construction of walls from a ceramic block has a number of its own characteristics:

1. A ceramic block weighs more than a brick, so you need a heavier tool, as an example: a mallet. Therefore, when erecting walls made of ceramics, you need to purchase suitable tools.

2. Cutting blocks. For ceramic stone, there is a tool. We recommend using the alligator saw. She can cut the block with high accuracy. In no case, do not take a chainsaw when cutting the block.

3. Carrying out the masonry itself. We recommend to carry out in a warm season. In our experience, we can say that any addition (anti-frost) will reduce the compressive strength.

4. A solution for laying ceramic blocks. For the construction of external walls using a "warm" solution. But for the interior walls, a cement-sand mixture may well be suitable. To check: the finished mixture should have a consistency of medium density, so as not to clog the voids of the blocks.

5. Reinforcement. This is not a mandatory procedure, but we cannot say that it will be superfluous. To do this, use the masonry mesh to strengthen the structure on which the reinforced concrete beam and the floor slab will rest. You should also make a reinforced belt under the slab. Such a wall will have a higher degree of strength and reliability.

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The main goal pursued by the creators of the ceramic block is - the heat efficiency of the walls.

Material that will be minimally time-consuming, quickly build, have less consumption than others - this is a real find for all construction companies!

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