Masonry of walls and partitions from aerated concrete in Kherson. Profi Stroy

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Masonry of walls and partitions from aerated concrete in Kherson. Profi Stroy

One of the most popular materials in Kherson and the Kherson region for building houses is aerated concrete. And not casual, because this material has a lot of undeniable advantages. In this article I will try to tell you briefly about these advantages and disadvantages of aerated concrete, as well as share some calculations and costs of laying a gas block in Kherson. We can also order masonry walls from ceramoblock

Why you should choose aerated concrete for building a house

The main argument in favor of aerated concrete is of course its ability to retain heat or cool indoors. In our climate zone, when building a house from a gas block, the owners often do without additional insulation of the facades.
Кладка газобетона в Херсоне. Профи Строй

The advantages include the laying speed of this material. Since the blocks are quite large, walls and partitions are built much faster than for example brick.

  • In addition, the material can be cut with a hacksaw, which opens up huge scope for imagination;
  • A powerful foundation is not required for a house from a gas block, it is a lightweight material with a porous structure;
  • Aerated concrete can withstand sudden changes in temperature;
  • Virtually unaffected by corrosion and atmospheric effects;
  • Mold or fungus does not appear on the blocks of aerated concrete, and the life of a house made of aerated concrete is more than a century.

As for the shortcomings - there are not many of them:

  • The foundation must be strong, since the material itself has a rather low bending strength.
  • Aerated concrete insulation is a separate issue. You can insulate it only with mineral wool, which in itself is not cheap.

Кладка газобетона в Херсоне. Профи Строй
The cost of laying a gas block can vary depending on the volume and features of the order. The estimated price of aerated concrete masonry is 800 UAH per cubic meter. excluding materials. To calculate how much aerated concrete in a cube you need on the calculator 1 (unit) divided by the height, width and length of the block in meters. It turns out the following: 1 / 0.3 / 0.2 / 0.6 = 27.77 pcs. in one cube for a block 300x200x600mm
The 400x250x600mm block is calculated as 1 / 0.4 / 0.25 / 0.6 = 16.66 pcs.
Block 100x288x600mm - 1 / 0.288 / 0.1 / 0.6 = 57.87 pcs.
Glue consumption for aerated concrete per 1 cubic meter can theoretically range from 15 to 30 kg. The average consumption of glue for aerated concrete per 1 m3 will be equal to one bag of 25 kg. In practice, about 1.5 bags of glue per 1 cube of aerated concrete come out, since a lot of factors can affect the result, from the availability of a professional tool to the qualification of the master.

Кладка газобетона в Херсоне. Профи Строй

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