Pros and cons of a typical design of a private house. Profi Stroy

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Pros and cons of a typical design of a private house. Profi Stroy

Pros and cons of typical projects.

Typical house designs have their fans and enemies. Some say that TP has a lot of disadvantages, while others praise for the benefits, so I think the time has come to unravel a tangle of speculation and unverified information to understand if you need such a project. Let's get it together:

Perhaps I'll start with the merits. The main feature of the TP is their focus on mass reproduction, which directly indicates the quality and reliability of the structures that were built according to such a plan earlier.

In fact, this type of project is the best option for any person. They can be focused on different needs, for example, simplicity and profitability, comfort and maximum protection from the influence of the external environment and the like.

Заказать типовой проект частного дома Профи Строй

Indisputable advantages can also include their cost. Usually TP costs an order of magnitude cheaper than a project of an individual type of similar parameters.

The variety of choices is very large. A typical project can be selected according to the most important criteria, for example: the quadrature of the dwelling, type of roof, number of floors, style of execution, the presence of combined outbuildings like a garage or sauna (bath), the total cost of building a house, the presence of a pool, the number of rooms and much more can help to save on buying a project, because in most cases your wishes can already be embodied in one of the finished house projects.

Заказать типовой проект частного дома Профи Строй

It is difficult to determine by the finished result a house was built on the basis of a standard project or when using an individual one, because, as in the case of clothes, for example, factory products can look no less attractive than custom-made, and sometimes even better.

Most individual projects are made on the basis of standard ones. It is extremely rare to order the construction of a house of a completely non-standard look.

The timeframe for preparing documentation is relatively short, because even with the time spent on mandatory revision, in general it is still faster than making a new individual project.

Заказать типовой проект частного дома Профи Строй

Mandatory improvements can immediately be attributed to the disadvantages of TP, since the type of terrain, soil conditions and the presence of groundwater, for example, can significantly affect the cost of the structure as a whole. Each even the slightest change or addition greatly affects the initial result and to achieve a certain balance is a task for a true professional.

One of the most controversial shortcomings is also the mass repeated reproduction to the smallest detail. "Clones" of the house you built can be found quite often.

Заказать типовой проект частного дома Профи Строй

The downside can be considered the simplicity of decisions, design techniques, and in general, a typical project is someone else's vision of an ideal home, which may not coincide with your vision. Customer wishes are accepted only at levels that do not affect the architectural component, for example, the color of the roof or finish.

As you can see, there are quite a few disadvantages and advantages. Each of the options is designed for special conditions, so buy a standard or order an individual house project - the choice is yours, and we, in turn, will do everything so that the construction experience is as pleasant and comfortable for you as possible. We are waiting for your call to 095 45 44 110 - we will be happy to answer all questions regarding design or construction.
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