To buy a finished cottage project in Profi Stroy

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To buy a finished cottage project in Profi Stroy

A fairly large number of people sooner or later think about building their own country house, because this is the most comfortable type of housing with a lot of advantages, compared with the average Kherson apartments for example.
As in any business, the embodiment of the plan always begins with the plan, and in our case, with the project. The right decision would be to entrust the creation of project documentation and the construction of the cottage to professionals in their field - the company Profi Stroy.
We offer several options: you can order an individual cottage project, in which all your wildest wishes will be taken into account or choose a ready-made standard project that will be maximally adapted to the existing conditions. 
заказать типовой проект профи строй

The advantages of typical projects include a fairly quick transition to construction, because even taking into account the time needed to finalize and change documents to your site conditions and other nuances, it takes less time than creating a new project package.
In addition, standard projects are designed for mass reproduction and have already been used more than once, so you can be sure of its quality and reliability. The search for a typical cottage project is somewhat reminiscent of the choice of clothes in a store. It can be selected by almost any criteria, ranging from quadrature and style of design, ending with the total cost of construction. Well, the most important trump card of this type of project is the price. Typically, the cost of a typical project is much lower than the price of an individual with the same indicators.

How to calculate the cost of the project

The cost of a typical project starts at 11-13 thousand hryvnias (about 500 US dollars). Individual projects are calculated for each case separately, but the cost is usually from 25 thousand and more (from 1000 US dollars and above)

заказать типовой проект профи строй

4 reasons why you should choose a Pro Story:

  1. All projects are made exclusively by professional architects, with the participation of the best designers and builders of high qualification.
  2. The cost of projects is fully consistent and justified by the composition of the documentation.
  3. We make an estimate for any project
  4. All of our projects fully comply with SNiPs and GOST

We love our work and are happy to be of service, therefore, by concluding an agreement with Profi Stroy, you always get more than just a service.

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