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Order a project of a private house in Kherson Profi Stroy

Congratulations! You are on our site, which means you have decided to build a house. This is an extremely significant step in your life and no less difficult than the previous ones. We will lead you “by the hand” to the very end and, believe me, you will be satisfied with the result.
The beginning of any path begins with the first step. In sports, this is the meaning of "start", and in construction, the first step is a project. Initially, you need to set a task and understand what needs to be done in order to get to the "finish" (moving and happy living in a new house). So what, to start?
And to make it easier, in this article I will explain in general terms what a house project is; what is included in the design documentation; what are the projects of private houses; how much can a cheap and good project cost? If this information is no longer relevant for you, feel free to click on the link and leave a request to order a project of a private house in Kherson. We will contact you.

What is a private house project


Project documentation is a set of drawings, which consists of several sections. A kind of detailed plan. You voice all your thoughts and wishes regarding the future of the house, and builders evaluate and calculate how much the task is feasible, draw up such a plan, supplement, correct. They translate your “I want so” into “my” language, the language of numbers and values, formulas, schemes, possibly with the visualization of the future home in a finished form. You state the result, after which all the work is carried out strictly according to the project. Deviations from the project are a very bad thing and indicate poor quality, although sometimes unforeseen situations happen that are impossible to think over and anticipate. In this case, the project should be redone taking into account new circumstances, since even the slightest deviations promise a sea of ​​problems, the number of which will only increase like an avalanche, further distancing the final result from what was intended.
Заказать проект частного дома в Херсоне профи строй

What is included in the design documentation of a private house

The composition of project documentation depends mainly on the wishes of the client, but its basis is always the same set of sections, namely:

- architectural section (AR). All that concerns the description and explanation of the external and internal appearance of the object and other things.
- constructive section (CD). Reflection of accepted architectural concepts and design schemes.

In addition to this, the project may also include an engineering section (IR), a preliminary design (EP; for individual design), a project passport, a general plan for the development of a site, an estimate.

What are the projects of private houses

There are two types of projects for private houses:

-for mass repeat playback (typical)
-for a specific user (individual)

Typical projects of private houses are turnkey solutions for different areas, designed for repeated use. You could observe vivid examples of houses built according to standard designs in almost all post-Soviet countries. The project option is relatively not expensive, as are the materials that will be used to build a house for such a project. TP is considered universal and optimal due to the simplicity of design solutions.

An individual project of a private house is more likely the embodiment of the wishes and ideas of a particular customer in the processing of an architect, taking into account the specific landscape, features of the site and other individual nuances. The cost of such projects is naturally more expensive than standard ones with the same quadrature.

Заказать проект частного дома в Херсоне профи строй

How much can a cheap and good private house project cost?

The cost of a typical project of a private one-story house with a square of 150 square meters starts from the mark of 10-13 thousand hryvnias (about 500 US dollars).

The cost of an individual project of a private house with the same quadrature depends on the complexity of the solutions and many other nuances. A good individual project can cost two, three, or even four times more expensive than a typical one (from 1000 to 2000 US dollars and above), this is understandable, because you pay for your ideal home.

Заказать проект частного дома в Херсоне профи строй

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