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Turnkey design apartment renovation Profi Stroy

More recently, repair work in the premises was carried out by the usual method: painting the floor, wallpapering, whitewashing the ceiling and other similar processes. Now the circumstances have changed significantly: turnkey design repair is in demand and popular. Services for such repairs are provided by professional specialists of our company.

Thanks to this approach, a turnkey design repair in Kherson enables the client to obtain a convenient and comfortable apartment to the maximum after repair work. The room will not be decorated in the usual, typical ways - the apartment will be made beautiful and individual, it will be the subject of admiration for its owner and will effectively emphasize its social status.

What is a design repair?
Дизайнерский ремонт квартиры в Херсоне под ключ Профи Строй


The main difference between such repairs and standard ones made in apartments comes down to the fact that they are carried out according to the idea of ​​the designer and in an individual style. Initially, a group of designers develop a project in which the following specialists take part:

  • Interior designers. Take into account the traditional, established rules, namely the combination of colors of the ceiling, walls, floor and other interior elements.
  • Designers. They process all the technical aspects of the design project and fulfill all the wishes of the client for the design of the premises and the future interior.
  • Professional workers in the construction profession. According to the plan created by the architects, they qualitatively translate into reality all the ideas of the designer in compliance with the technologies and specifications of building materials.

Also we can to order development of the design project of the apartment for major repairs with full turnkey implementation in Kherson

Work performed in collaboration with our company
Дизайнерский ремонт квартиры в Херсоне под ключ Профи Строй


Experienced employees of the company carry out a comprehensive scope of work in the design of turnkey apartment renovation. The list of these processes in each case is determined individually by each customer. The list mainly includes the following works:

  • Creation of technical documents, sketches, project drawings.
  • 3D render of interior design sketches.
  • Work on zoning the premises, moving partitions.
  • Replacement of pipes, installation of new plumbing equipment.
  • Installation of underfloor heating and Smart Home construction.
  • Installation of lighting equipment.
  • Exact alignment of surfaces of walls, ceilings.
  • Laying coatings on the floor, tiles of mosaic panels, etc.
  • Wallpapering, decorative painting and plastering.
  • Arrangement of complex ceiling structures according to project documentation and other construction works.

At the end of the work, employees conduct a thorough, thorough cleaning of all rooms in the apartment.
Дизайнерский ремонт квартиры в Херсоне под ключ Профи Строй

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