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Turnkey design repair of houses Profi Stroy

Design repair of houses
Carrying out designer repairs will make it possible to decorate the house in an elegant form with a unique unique interior, which you will not meet with anyone. It will reflect the personal characteristics of the owner, his preferences, temperament, disposition. The design of the house is a kind of business card of a person, which allows you to instantly get an idea about him.

An experienced employee is able to develop a unique design of any room in the required style according to the wishes of the customer. At the same time, even a tiny element will not spoil the overall picture and merge with the interior. If you wish, you can additionally pick up decoration elements that are most suitable for the architect’s plan.

Design repairs of houses in Kherson are carried out by qualified employees of our company, the staff has an experienced architect with the necessary knowledge, able to materialize the most fantastic projects. To order the project of a private house, cottage or cottage in Kherson can follow the link

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Detailed stages of stylish repairs

Designer home renovation consists of certain processes, which include:

Drawing up design documentation and images. The designer not only creates original pictures, but also carefully works out all the details. The builders are given the project, which indicates the location of the plumbing equipment, lighting items, a scan for the installation of sockets and switches, and other data needed for a high-quality completion of the repair.

Disassembly. With such a repair, it is supposed to dismantle obsolete structures, finishes that have lost functionality and attractiveness.
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Installation of engineering networks. During repair work, new electrical wiring is laid, water supply and sewage are connected.

Installation of partitions. For zoning the room, restoring functionality, the original look, various partitions are installed. In addition, niches in the walls for interior decoration elements can be built.

Arrangement of surfaces. Before applying the final coating, all surfaces are carefully pre-aligned with various materials.

Finishing work. Pre-prepared surfaces are finished. Parquet, linoleum and so on are laid on the floor, wallpaper is glued to the walls, plaster, mosaic and other materials are applied. Ceilings are usually painted or tension structures are used.

Lastly, lighting devices, shelves and other decorative elements are installed.

Door installation. To give the house a finished look, entrance doors are installed. It is important that they perform their functions well and do not contradict the general concept.
ремонт домов под ключ профи строй

If you decide to make a designer repair of your house and use the services of our company - you have made the right choice.

ремонт домов под ключ профи строй

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