We think over the design of an apartment or a house. How to prepare a project with your own hands.

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We think over the design of an apartment or a house. How to prepare a project with your own hands.

We think over the design of the house / apartment. A few short recommendations.

Our own special atmosphere in the house, where coziness and comfort are truly combined is the goal and dream of each of us. If you have your own housing, even with a more or less fresh repair, you have to bring it to mind. Let's figure out where to start together.

Design project development.
We need a tape measure or any other measuring device, colored pencils / markers, landscape sheets (many!), Or a visualization program.

We transfer schematically your living space to a sheet. Be sure to note the real size of the rooms with the correct arrangement of windows and doors. After all, we also think over schematically which materials will be used, what color, in which style, and add them all as schematically, observing all sizes.

Дизайнерский ремонт в квартире профи строй

  • Implementation.

This item will be no less difficult, but you are halfway to finishing reading this article, do not give up!

Having visualization, we turn to the builders (to ours) or do all the work with our own hands (no).
Now that the plan is in front of you, you can soberly assess your strengths and understand what kind of work you can transfer to an expert, and what kind you can do yourself.
Дизайнерский ремонт в квартире профи строй

Advantages and disadvantages of professional development and implementation of a design project.

From the pros:

Turning to our company, you can get all the services in the complex: the development of the project from the best designers in Kherson, and its implementation from the pros of their field. You can choose the style based on your preferences, a photo from the Internet, a freehand sketch. It's not cheap, everyone will appreciate how seriously you take your environment to look perfect. The result of efforts exceeds expectations. Interacting with the pros is nice.

Of the minuses:

We’ll have to call +38 (095) 45 44 110. By the way, besides the design of the project, we can also

to order design repair of an apartment or a private house in Kherson.You can learn more by clicking on the link.

Дизайн проект квартиры или дома профи строй

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