To build a concrete pool in Kherson

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To build a concrete pool in Kherson

Enjoying your own pool in the summer is what you now dream of. It will bring your children a sea of pleasure and coolness on hot days.
Build a concrete pool in Kherson will help you our company Profi Stroy

Order the construction of a concrete pool according to an individual project in our company guarantees you:

• Get a reliable, durable design.
• install any modern equipment, such as hydromassage, backlight and more.
• decorate the pool to your taste with the latest in the world of finishes.

We can build a pool for a private house, cottage, cottage; for a sports complex, where it can be used for training and recreational swimming. Also for a children's public bathing facility or for a sports section.

What should be the depth of the concrete pool?
Before answering this question you need to know for whom it is intended, if for adults, then this depth can be done up to 2 m, if you plan to put a springboard, then at least 2.5 m, and if for children, then the depth may be less . Standard pool sizes are about 5.5m * 1.5m

The process of building a pool of concrete.
To begin with, we recommend preparing a project and an estimate for a concrete pool. The estimate will allow you to complete the work on time and as economically as possible, and in the project we calculate the thickness of the bottom and walls of the concrete structure, reinforcement, supply of communications and the like, which will make the pool comfortable and reliable.
Digging a pit for a swimming pool in Kherson may seem like a fairly simple task, but we always solve this issue wisely. Profi Stroy provides specialized equipment for digging and drilling, dismantling concrete structures and asphalt, and where there is no way to bring equipment, we can always cope with the help of manual digging. In addition to all of the above, we can also order installation of equipment for pools (counterflow, filters, pumps, artificial waterfalls, jumps and towers, a drainage system, lighting, stainless steel handrails and much more)

Calculate the cost of the pool.
Before starting the construction of the pool, it is necessary to discuss the availability of additional equipment, such as a counter stream, an artificial waterfall or a fountain for example. They can be installed after completion of all construction work. We usually install nozzles for water intake and return when pouring concrete. All fixtures for the pool can significantly change the price of construction.
There are several options for manufacturing concrete pools for customers of Profi Stroy: according to your finished project, sketches or photos; You can also order a typical concrete pool design from us.

Order production of a turnkey pool.
Contacting us is very easy. The address and contacts of Profi Stroy are in a separate section at the top right or by clicking on the link.
We work according to the simplest and most effective system:
1) Literally 2-3 minutes per phone call to form an application
2) Selection of the best option, design
3) The conclusion of the contract, the transfer of prepayment and the beginning of work
4) Delivery of materials, concrete pouring, equipment installation
5) Everyone is happy
Call our managers for more information or visit our office. We are always happy to help on any matter regarding construction or repair.

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