Prices for construction work from PROFI STROY in Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa

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Prices for construction work from PROFI STROY in Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa
 WILL THE PRICE CHANGE AND UNDER WHAT CONDITIONS? The price for construction work can only change before the signing of the contract for the construction work. Each object is individual, so the price of work will depend on: - the scale of the building, if the order is large, then you can really get a good discount; - the complexity of the project, the more complex the project, the higher the price will be; - labor costs and selected building materials. We carry out the calculation individually for each client and take into account the volume, complexity and specifics of the object. TABLE WITH PRICES FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKS FROM PROFI STROY IN KHERSON, NIKOLAEV, ODESSA The price is indicated as of 1.11.2021 (check the relevance of prices)


 IN WHAT PERIOD WILL THE PRICES BE UP-TO-DATE? After the inspection and measurements at the facility, we draw up an estimate for the construction. All prices for construction work, which will be provided in the estimate, will be relevant and will not change during the entire construction process, according to the contract. Changes to the estimate can be made only by agreement of the parties.

 LEAVE AN APPLICATION, CONTACT, CONTACT YOUR QUESTIONS In order to order a calculation of the cost of construction work on the object, we recommend that you contact us by phone, which is indicated in the "contacts" section on our website. In the process of your communication with our specialists of a certain industry, they will clarify the main questions and an application will be accepted to call an employee for miscalculations of the estimate documentation. This is very important for a qualified assessment of the scale, complexity of work and the wishes of the client. 


 CONCLUSIONS After getting acquainted with the estimate and schedule of work, we determine the date for the start of construction work and bilaterally sign an agreement. In turn, we provide high-quality and timely construction work. At your request, we provide assistance in the selection and purchase of building materials. Completion with materials at prices not higher than market prices.



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