Issue an extract from the BTI in Odessa

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Issue an extract from the BTI in Odessa

If you are the owner of real estate, in order to sell it, donate it or arrange it as an inheritance, it is not enough to have a title deed. It is necessary to order a special information certificate. This can be done in the public and private BTI in Odessa.

Why do clients more often choose private institutions? Experienced specialists work here who know how to resolve the issue quickly. Customers prefer to ask for help from the employees of "Profi Stroy" because of the favorable tariffs of the BTI in Odessa and the responsible attitude of experts to work.

All orders are carried out at the time agreed with the client. Experts are interested in every client being satisfied.

Why order a certificate from the BTI

The private BTI in Odessa issues a variety of documents on the technical condition of real estate. Informational reference is in great demand. With its help, you can conduct many transactions:

  • purchase and sale of real estate;
  • registration of apartment rent or donation;
  • registration of an inheritance or a mortgage loan.

BTI services in Odessa by Profi Stroy specialists involve the use of special government-issued forms. The information reflected in the documents is certified by a signature and an appropriate seal.

Benefits of cooperation with "Profi Stroy"

You can order an extract from the BTI in the city of Odessa by making an appointment with an experienced specialist. No need to stand in queues and deal with filling out and collecting documentation. This issue will be dealt with by an employee who has provided assistance to other customers in such a situation many times.Obtaining an extract from the BTI in Odessa: affordable price

To issue an extract, you need the documents of the owner of the real estate. If any of them are lost, the expert will draw up requests for their re-issuance. You don't have to listen to the nuances of the procedure.

At the same time, the client can find out how the process is progressing at any convenient time. The company "Profi Stroy" offers cooperation that is comfortable for the client, on transparent and understandable terms.

List of required documents

To get help, you must provide a specific list of documents:

  • a statement written by the client according to the sample;
  • Ukrainian passport;
  • the customer's representative will need a power of attorney certified by a notary;
  • title paper;
  • a receipt for the payment of state duty.

It usually takes 2-3 weeks for the statement to be issued. If it is important to issue a certificate urgently, this is also possible. The cost of BTI services in Odessa may change, but the work will be done efficiently and on time.

List of services "Profi Stroy"

Services of the construction company "Profi Stroy", which are also ordered by clients.

  1. Construction of cottages from scratch. The process can be organized according to a finished project, the cost of which is small. Do you want a home that is unlike any other, according to your personal needs? The best architects, designers and builders will work with you. You will not be disappointed with the result!
  2. Renovation work. It is easy to update the interior and facade of a house, the main thing is to enlist the support of experienced builders. Professionals offer their services at Profi Stroy.
  3. Having planned the construction of houses in Odessa, you should obtain permits. If this is not done, the construction is considered illegal. Disposal of such property is prohibited by law. The company offers not only moderate tariffs for BTI services in Odessa, but also the prompt execution of construction permits.

All work is carried out under a contract. The agreement specifies the obligations and rights of the parties.

You can order feedback on the site. The service is available to customers throughout Ukraine. You can clarify prices for construction, repairs, obtaining documents by looking at the price list.

Over the years, Profi Stroy has earned an excellent reputation and earned the trust of regular customers.

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