Extract from the BTI in Kherson

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Extract from the BTI in Kherson

BTI in Kherson is a special institution whose employees are involved in the examination of buildings. The result of the technical inventory is the transfer of the statement to the applicant. You cannot do without a certificate when concluding many types of transactions related to real estate.

Profi Stroy specialists will help you quickly get a document. The employees have established communication with the state bodies that issue the statement.

Of course, you can issue a certificate yourself. But it will take a lot of time, you will have to collect the necessary documentation, take a queue and communicate with a consultant. There are frequent cases when documents are returned for revision, due to incorrect or inaccurate filling. Time passes, and you still cannot dispose of real estate.

To prevent this from happening, it is better to entrust the solution of this issue to the professionals of "Profi Stroy". Experienced experts have already helped many clients and are familiar with all the pitfalls of the registration procedure.

When you can not do without a certificate from the BTI

BTI services in Kherson may be needed by the owner of real estate in such cases;

  • an apartment or house is planned to be rented, sold or changed;
  • the object acts as an inheritance;
  • you need to issue duplicate documents, according to which, in case of loss of the original, it is easy to prove ownership;
  • re-registration of real estate is carried out if the previous procedure was carried out before 2010.

The private BTI in Kherson offers its services for issuing an information certificate that legalizes ownership.

Information in the help

Among the private BTI in Kherson, the company "Profi Stroy" has won the trust of customers. The firm is well known to those who ordered the construction of houses in Kherson and the Kherson region, repairs, bought ready-made projects for the construction of buildings.BTI extract in Kherson: low prices

The company employs a well-coordinated team of decent and responsible specialists with extensive experience and outstanding knowledge. All employees are working together to resolve the issue with which the client comes. Experts do everything to make the customer satisfied, and adhere to the pre-agreed deadlines for completing the assignment.

To get a statement from the BTI in Kherson for a client, specialists follow the procedure.

  1. Leave a request with a licensed notary to issue a certificate. The legal consultants that employees turn to are time-tested. They are reliable people who know that they need to act quickly. The notary will tell you what documents are important to provide.
  2. Experts collect documentation. Some of the papers are requested from the customer. If they are not there, employees receive them from the appropriate authorities. The client, meanwhile, is notified of how the process is progressing. Experts are always in touch.
  3. An extract with the results of the technical inventory based on the documents provided was received and handed over to the customer.

Documents for registration of an extract from the BTI in Kherson

The price for BTI Kherson services depends on the timing of the registration of the certificate and documents that the customer already has:

  • a photocopy of the applicant's passport;
  • photocopy of TIN;
  • paper where the owner of the property is indicated;
  • technical passport.

The cost of BTI services in Kherson, if you decide to order a certificate from "Profi Stroy", is moderate.

Additional services

Construction company services also include:

  • design of buildings according to individual customer requests;
  • repair work by highly qualified builders;
  • thinking through and implementing an exclusive interior design;
  • construction of houses in Kherson;
  • sale of finished projects for which cottages have already been erected;
  • construction of outbuildings, baths;
  • restoration of old buildings;
  • pouring the foundation, finishing the facade, erecting the roof.

Experts are ready to cooperate with customers all over Ukraine. Leave a request online or sign up for a consultation by phone on the website.

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