How to choose a house project? Where to start building a house?

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How to choose a house project? Where to start building a house?

How to choose a house project?

  • What does design include?

  • Why is geology necessary?

  • What to consider when designing?

  • What is an estimate? What is an estimate for?

  • We will try to understand everything related to design.

Initially, you need to know the geology of the site, as this can significantly change the design of the house from the initial planning.

This is done in order to study the peculiarity of the soil, the depth of underground groundwater, the supply of communications.

Engineering communications design allows you to plan the electricity, gas and water supply of your future site.

When designing, you need to take into account: the number of floors, the location of windows and doors, what kind of roof, facades, with a basement there will be a house or not, the presence of a garage and an attic.

It is necessary to determine what material will be used in the design: sip panels, aerated concrete, brick, etc.

As for the roof, you need to know whether it will be covered with corrugated board, slate, tile.

When designing, you need to consider whether children will be, whether you need a playground for children in the future, a separate room for elderly parents, a separate room for your hobby, a workshop

Do you need rooms for guests, if you often have them, this affects in the future when designing a large living room combined with a kitchen.

Decide on the number of bathrooms. The main issue in building a house that interests everyone is the estimate.


An estimate is a document that allows us to calculate before the start of building a house how much will be spent, material for construction, services, time and choose the best option for ourselves.

Our company will help you to focus on those points that will help you make the right choice.

We will help you not only build a house, but also install metal-plastic windows, decorate your house with forged products, put up a fence so that your life in this house is comfortable. Also with us you can to order turnkey design repair of an apartment or house in Kherson

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