House reconstruction in Kherson

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House reconstruction in Kherson

The building materials market is replenished every year with new modern goods, from which you can easily carry out the reconstruction of a house. Redevelopment allows you to increase the comfort of living in a cottage and maintain its attractive appearance.

For the reconstruction of a private house in Kherson to be legal, it is important to obtain permits. If this is not done, the owner will face heavy fines. To dispose of such property (sell, lease), he will have to defend his rights in court.

The reconstruction project, which will be approved by the state station, is drawn up taking into account GOSTs and international standards. Profi Stroy specialists design changes to residential premises within the legal framework. Also, the wishes of the client are always taken into account.

What concerns house renovation

Reconstruction of houses on a turnkey basis can include the following types of work:

  • heating systems and gas supply structures are adjusted on the basis of the project;
  • you can re-lay soundproofing, gyro-insulating materials and high-quality vapor barrier;
  • remodel supporting structures and wall surfaces;
  • improve the laying of communications and other details;
  • increase the area of ​​the premises.

The design is carried out using modern materials that keep the house warm. The owner will be able to save on utility bills.

If reconstruction of an old brick house is planned, the facade decoration is revised. The building can be beautiful and cozy. Renovation of old residential buildings helps to organize a comfortable space, taking advantage of popular design solutions.

The project developed by the specialists of the "Profi Stroy" company can be safely presented to the local authorities in order to obtain a building permit. The price of reconstruction of a country house is affordable.

Is it possible to replace the rebuilding with repair work

Reconstruction of a house is a serious and responsible event, therefore it cannot be compared with cosmetic and even major repairs. Clients often choose to order at the Profi Stroy company:Turnkey house reconstruction in Kherson

  • change in the number of storeys of the building;
  • demolition of walls and addition of partitions;
  • modernization of engineering networks;
  • renovated facade.

If the redevelopment seems too global, you can order a more suitable construction company services - renovation. It involves ennobling the appearance of a building, strengthening or replacing individual parts. But the architectural forms remain unchanged. Thus, a home renovation and reconstruction project are different types of work.

Construction of houses from "Profi Stroy"

Construction of houses in Kherson is very popular. More and more people are trying to move to a green area, away from dusty highways and city bustle.

To build a durable and warm house, the roof of which will not leak after rain, and the walls will become a reliable barrier from the wind, it is important to think over the smallest nuances of construction. Any building rests on a frame, the task of which is to withstand the entire structure, including the roof.

In addition to individual exclusive projects, the architects and engineers of "Profi Stroy" offer budget options - ready-made house projects with excellent comfort. Drawings and diagrams are created by the best professionals with specialized education and extensive experience in the construction industry. The cost of the schemes is moderate.

Relying on the resulting drawings, you can build a solid house. If you are not confident in your abilities, contact the builders of "Profi Stroy". For each construction site, a foreman is assigned, who strictly controls all stages of the construction of the building.

Why is the reconstruction of the house ordered by the specialists of "Profi Stroy"

They choose to order the reconstruction of residential real estate in "Profi Stroy" because of the following advantages.

  1. Over the years of hard work and responsible attitude of employees to the fulfillment of each order, the company has managed to earn a high reputation in the market.
  2. The company employs only qualified specialists.
  3. Reasonable cost of home remodeling.
  4. Well-established communication between expert and client.

Do not postpone making an appointment with a consultant for tomorrow. Call the manager by phone on the website, and he will find a convenient time to visit a specialist.

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