Production of concrete pools in Kherson price Pro Stroy. Calculate the cost of concrete work

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Production of concrete pools in Kherson price Pro Stroy. Calculate the cost of concrete work

Concrete Pool Construction

The construction of concrete pools is gaining popularity since ancient Greece. Today, an artificial reservoir is an integral part of sports, recreation and tourist complexes, as well as private houses and summer cottages. But, any pool, regardless of size - a complex structure. Its construction requires impressive experience and knowledge of specialists in the field of hydraulic engineering, hydraulics and water treatment. Attempts by enthusiasts to work on their own or save money by hiring amateur builders rarely succeed. To get a reliable and durable pool you need to use only qualified specialists. An expert will first study the density of the soil, the proximity of groundwater, taking into account the purpose of the reservoir and the location of housing communications will determine the optimal shape and size.
Залить бетонный бассейн в Херсоне Профи Строй

Types of concrete pool construction
The construction process differs depending on the place of construction. As a rule, for the construction of turnkey concrete pools, projects and prices are radically different, depending on the type selected. 2 types of pools are defined:

Open - placed outdoors. If the work is carried out on the street, the pit is initially rummaged and a sand cushion is arranged, on which the screed is poured as a result;
Closed - placed in the room. Work on the arrangement of the internal pool also includes work on the installation of bottom discharge, nozzles, skimmers. The locations of these elements are treated with additives to increase adhesion and prevent further leaks and destruction.

Залить бетонный бассейн в Херсоне Профи Строй

Stages of the construction of concrete pools
Turnkey construction of concrete pools implies a full range of work, conditionally divided into the following stages:

  • Design - development of a drawing indicating the exact size and shape of the pool, location of communications;
  • Preparation of the base - digging a pit and preparing a sand cushion, forming and leveling the bottom and walls of the pool;
  • Installation of disposable or reusable formwork, which serves as boundaries for pouring concrete mixture and further protects against excessive heaving of the soil. At this stage, it is especially important to strictly observe and verify the dimensions of the structure;
  • Reinforcement - the reinforcing frame gives the structure special strength and rigidity;
  • Concreting - pouring can be carried out in 2 ways - continuously and in 2 approaches. The first method is undoubtedly more reliable, the monolithic design has greater strength. But, sometimes it is difficult to ensure continuous flow of concrete. In such cases, a 2-stage pouring method is used. At the junction of the layers of the solution, a self-expanding cord is used, which provides a reliable connection and tightness;
  • Waterproofing - after hardening and grinding of concrete, a layer of high-quality waterproofing is applied to the surface of the bowl. After this, an insulation check is carried out - the pool is filled with water and within 10-12 days observations are made for leaks;
  • Finishing - is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the customer or design project. The bowl of the pool can be decorated with tiles, mosaics or film coatings.

Залить бетонный бассейн в Херсоне Профи Строй
Order the construction of a concrete pool in the company Profi Stroy
The company Profi Stroy is building concrete pools, the price of which is affordable for a wide audience. Entrusting the construction to professionals, you will receive a reliable pool that will serve you for decades. We can also order a pool project with an estimate.

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