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Building permit in Odessa

When planning a construction site, it is important to obtain a building permit in Odessa. Then the erected object will be legalized and the owner will be able to dispose of it at his own discretion. You can get documents from a government agency. Or you can turn to professionals for help, who will quickly resolve the issue for a small fee.

The specialists of the "Profi Stroy" company cooperate directly with government agencies, therefore, you will receive a permit for the construction of a private house in Odessa just in time for the required date.

When you need to issue a building permit in Odessa

Permitting papers by law must be issued in such cases:

  • construction is planned on the site;
  • major overhaul;
  • the building needs to be restored or reconstructed.

Still, one cannot do without a document if the object was built without permission. It is important to legalize the property. Otherwise, it will not work to sell it, rent it out or issue it as an inheritance.

Registration procedure

If the cottage has up to 500 sq. m, in order to obtain a permit to build a house in Odessa, you need a construction passport.Building permit in Odessa. Registration certificate for a house in Odessa

For a house with an area of ​​more than 500 sq. m will need town planning conditions and agreements on technical and designer supervision. After that, a notification about the start of construction is registered.

Documents to be collected:

  • TIN and passport of the applicant;
  • paper, which deals with who owns the right of ownership or lease of a land plot;
  • the project on which the construction will be carried out;
  • registration certificate for a house in Odessa (if the paper is issued, you may still have to get it).

After the documents are issued, the information is transferred to the register of construction activities. You can check the data on the website of the State Inspectorate, which oversees the construction sector. Enter the number in the search bar and get an answer.

What will happen if you do not get a building permit in Odessa

To start a construction project without permits is to violate Ukrainian law. At a minimum, the owner will pay a fine. The amount of penalties depends on the decision of the inspector, who is investigating the facility and checking documents. It is much more difficult to legalize a squatter building than to draw up a document before the builders started their work.
Permits are issued by the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate. To represent the interests of the client, a notarized power of attorney is made for a Profi Stroy specialist.

Why do they trust Profi Stroy specialists

The specialists of the company "Profi Stroy" are entrusted with obtaining a technical passport of the BTI in Odessa or other documents for real estate. After all, each employee has a wide experience of work. Orders are carried out exactly on time agreed with the customer. If difficulties arise, experts know how to solve them.

Cooperation with government agencies has been established. The terms are transparent and understandable. Don't want to stand in lines, don't know what papers you need to provide and how to fill them out? You should not waste your time on solving issues that are quickly resolved by experienced specialists.

Ordering documents from "Profi Stroy" is the best choice.

  1. By contacting the manager by phone on the website, you can make an appointment with an expert at any convenient time.
  2. The customer is aware of how the execution of his application is progressing, communication with the contractor has been established.
  3. Documents are processed on a turnkey basis. It is really fast to make a registration certificate for a house in Odessa.
  4. Moderate cost of services.

You can verify the professionalism of the employees and clarify all the services of the construction company by reading the reviews on the website.

When else do they contact "Profi Stroy"

The company is also contacted when putting a house into operation. The construction of houses in Odessa is carried out according to the project.

Ready-made house projects are inexpensive. Moreover, buildings have already been erected on them. If necessary, adjustments are made based on the wishes of the client.

Individual drawing up of drawings and other project documentation is possible, at a reasonable price. Based on the diagram, a frame, walls, and after a roof are formed. Internal and external finishing works are in progress. The process is supervised by a highly qualified foreman.

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