Arrangement of concrete monolithic platforms (entry areas, blind areas, paths)

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Arrangement of concrete monolithic platforms (entry areas, blind areas, paths)

Almost every private residential site needs a concrete site, and its purpose is manifold. The arrangement of the yard with concrete structures makes life and life more comfortable. We can also to order the installation of formwork and concrete work in Kherson.

Concrete pads have the following advantages:

  • Durability and versatility;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Simplicity and speed of installation.

A concrete platform is used for a car, a pool, a gazebo, as paths and blind areas near the house. The method, financial costs and installation features are directly dependent on the destination. In particular, the thickness of the solution layer and the strength of the reinforcing frame used will be different. So, the concrete platform under the car must withstand high loads in comparison with the concrete platform under the gazebo. This must be taken into account already at the design stage.

Залить бетонную площадку в Херсоне профи строй
Concrete Site Technology
The device and the technology of concreting the foundation may differ in each individual case, depending on its purpose, but in general, work is carried out in a similar order:

  1. Site preparation - removal of the top soil layer, tamping and leveling the surface, preparation of the drainage layer from the sand cushion and gravel;
  2. Installation of formwork - a solid wooden frame installed around the perimeter of the future poured area and serving as the boundaries for the mixture until it completely solidifies;
  3. Reinforcement - the reinforcing frame gives strength to the structure. Depending on the purpose of the site, reinforcing metal of various strengths and thicknesses is used. The higher the load it will have to withstand, the stronger the frame should be. For example, a concrete platform for parking a machine is performed using reinforcing rods firmly connected to each other, while for a base under a light structure it can be made of thin reinforcing mesh or used glands;
  4. Installation of beacons - to set the level at which the solution will be equal;

Залить бетонную площадку в Херсоне профи строй
Concrete pouring - an extremely homogeneous sand-cement mixture is poured and leveled at the required level. At this stage, it is important to carefully tamp the solution to avoid air holes and uneven subsidence. To clean the mixture of air, a special vibrator is used, with a small concrete layer - surface, with a large - deep;
Concrete care - hardening the mortar too quickly leads to a decrease in the strength of the slab, so it is important to ensure systematic drying. To do this, cover the concrete with polyethylene and periodically wet it with water.
It is important to correctly calculate the thickness of the concrete layer, for successful and long-term operation of the site. If we are talking about the foundation of a light gazebo or walkway, then the concrete layer can be only 1-5 cm, and you can use a mesh as a reinforcing layer. But, the entrance concrete platform for a car or pool must withstand increased loads. In this case, the layer thickness should be at least 10 cm, using steel bars of reinforcement.
For a concrete site, the price also directly depends on these factors - in parallel with the requirements for strength, the volume of used building materials and the time spent on the implementation of the idea also increase.
Залить бетонную площадку в Херсоне профи строй
To order the pouring of a concrete site in Kherson in the company Profi Stroy
The company Profi Stroy (Kherson) will carry out a full range of works on the installation of an entrance concrete platform in front of the house, for parking a car, a frame pool or as a foundation protection from water (blind areas). We are professionals in our field and can safely guarantee the quality and durability of the structures we are constructing, while in our work we focus on the payment potential of the client. So, ordering a concrete platform for a car or in front of the house, you get a reliable and solid foundation at an affordable price.

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