Commercial real estate management in Odessa

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Commercial real estate management in Odessa

Commercial real estate includes buildings and individual premises that the owner can sell, lease for profit or use for his own business. The owner can be a legal entity or a private person. When purchasing a property, the owner must determine whether he will transfer the management of the commercial property to the company, or take over these responsibilities.

When real estate is transferred to management

The decision to self-run a commercial real estate business is often based on a desire to save money so as not to pay for professional services. In practice, this is not always true. The owner should deal with the same issues as the manager, only the company's employees have an established process and the costs of the construction company services will be minimized. The question concerns the carrying out of repair work, finished projects of houses, etc. As a result, the financial costs are practically the same, but by hiring a manager, the owner will save his time and nerves.

The main reasons for transferring their own property for management are:

  • a business trip is planned, it is planned to move for temporary or permanent residence in another country;
  • the commercial property is located abroad;
  • leasing the object, but the owner of the property does not have free time to deal with the process or is not competent in these matters;
  • desire to minimize the level of risk, professionals control the condition of the property, the timing of tax payments, etc.

In Odessa, commercial real estate management is a fairly common service that companies provide for an agreed payment.

Property management methods

There are three types of management that are used in practice.

Agency contractCommercial real estate management in Odessa

The principle is based on real estate activities. The specialist's task is to find tenants who agree to conditions that are beneficial to the owner of the property.

Lease with the right to transfer

One large tenant rents an object from the owner and himself finds entrepreneurs for sublease, trying to make money on it.

Trust management

Comprehensive management of commercial real estate, which requires a manager in the full sense of the word. This issue can be dealt with by one person or a team of specialists. The manager assumes the responsibility to develop commercial real estate as a business: find a tenant, monitor the condition of the building, etc.

Features of professional management of commercial real estate

Trust management of commercial real estate is carried out on the basis of an agreement concluded between the owner of the property and the manager. The document is drawn up in writing and certified by a notary. The contract for the management of commercial real estate does not provide for the transfer of ownership of the property into the hands of the manager. He acts in the interests of the owner and, if specified in the contract, is the trustee of the property. When concluding a transaction of any nature, the manager must inform that he is a trustee and represents the interests of the owner of the property.

The term of the agreement is prescribed when the document is drawn up. If this clause is missing, the contract is considered concluded for 5 years. The agreement can be terminated by agreement of the parties or unilaterally. If, after the expiration of the period, an application for termination of the contract is not received, it is considered prolonged on the same conditions. According to the law, the manager is responsible for the safety of the property and, in the provided cases, is obliged to compensate for damage or profit lost through his fault.

Property management. Real estate management in OdessaAdvantages of property trust management

Positive aspects of transferring management of your commercial real estate to a manager:

  • the work of the trustee is carried out in accordance with the conditions prescribed in the contract, which allows you to control the process;
  • the owner of the object may not delve into the process of organizing a business;
  • a professional manager has extensive experience and is competent in issues to which the owner will not always have the right answer;
  • the manager must submit a report on the work done at the first request of the owner;
  • the owner of the object has the right to entrust additional services to the manager.

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