What to choose an autonomous sewage system in Kherson. Connection of the sewerage in Kherson Profi Stroy

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What to choose an autonomous sewage system in Kherson. Connection of the sewerage in Kherson Profi Stroy

What to choose an autonomous sewage system in Kherson.
It is impossible to imagine a civilized life without communications, including without a competently designed and connected autonomous sewage system (ASK). We will talk about the water recycling system in this article: where it is used, what types of sewage are, how they differ, and who can connect this system in Kherson. We can also order a communications project for the home: heating, plumbing, electricity, sewage and others

In the absence of the ability to connect to a centralized sewage system, the main task, even before construction, will be the choice of ASK. Typically, this type of drainage system is used by owners of private houses, cottages, cottages, for baths or saunas, for commercial buildings and others. At the moment, the most popular drainage systems are septic tanks, biological water treatment plants and drainage pits.

Заказать монтаж канализации в Херсоне Профи Строй


What sewage system to order.

A drain pit is the most economical and easiest option for a small family, designed for temporary storage of waste. In order to build a cesspool, it will be necessary to dig a pit under it, then a concrete base is poured and a shell is built. The walls of the drain pit can be made of prefabricated reinforced concrete rings, bricks or concrete with hydro isolation. The advantage is simplicity and accessibility for almost any level of the population. With a great desire, you can equip a cesspool with your own hands. Among the shortcomings, one can single out the fact that sooner or later the wastewater must be disposed of with the help of special wastewater services.
Строительство сливной ямы в Херсоне Профи Строй

Septic - an option that is very popular with Kherson, intended for partial water purification. The septic system looks like a single tank or a series of closed hermetic tanks filled with crushed stone, sand and other things. Wastewater passes through each of the reservoirs where particles of different sizes settle. At the outlet after natural filtration, we have almost pure water (up to 65% of the level of primary pollution) which then undergoes soil post-treatment. Of the advantages, it can be noted that this is a fully autonomous system. Clean the septic tank once every 3-4 years. Can be made by yourself or purchased at a specialized point of sale. Of the minuses, it is worth noting that the septic tank should be at least 20m from the well (if sandy soil is from 50m), the service life is only 20-30 years.
Монтаж септика в Херсоне профи строй
Монтаж септика в Херсоне профи строй

Biological treatment plant is an advanced option for wastewater treatment (up to 98% of the primary pollution level). BFB looks like a reservoir or a network of reservoirs where microorganisms settle for their subsequent processing of sewage. There also has a filter system for filtering out particles of different sizes (plastic, polyethylene, etc.). The system is completely atomic, but requires a constant connection to the power grid to maintain the life of microorganisms.
Монтаж биологической очистной станции в Херсоне Профи Строй

You can order the design and connection of sewage in Kherson in our company Profi Stroy. How we are working:

  • The stage of accepting applications and initial negotiations.
  • Project development and budgeting.
  • Preparation of the facility for construction and delivery of materials.
  • Sewer connection stage.
  • Commissioning of the facility.
  • Everyone is happy.

When ordering the services of qualified professionals of our company, Profi Stroy, you get a design that is made according to all building codes and rules (SNIP), durable and reliable! Call now for more information. We will always be able to agree!

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