Construction amnesty in Nikolaev

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Construction amnesty in Nikolaev

Construction amnesty in Nikolaev and how to legalize squatter construction

It is possible to legalize the squatter construction in Nikolaev in 2021 by following the construction amnesty. We are talking about houses and dachas built from 1992 to 2015. The legalized procedure allows you to put real estate into operation without going to court.

But in some cases, it will not be possible to avoid judicial pleadings. And the collection of documents for registering a property can take a lot of time. Some papers will have to be received for the first time, and for this you need to know how to fill them out. Also, each state institution provides services to the population in order of priority.

To ensure that the legalization of a house or an extension to it does not turn into an excruciatingly long process, it is better to seek help from highly qualified specialists from Profi Stroy. The company employs the best lawyers who know how to legalize the squatter in Nikolaev as quickly as possible.

What happens if the property is not commissioned

If the property is not put into operation without a building permit, according to the law, the following measures can be applied to the owner:

  • accrual and payment of a large fine before a certain date;
  • you will not be able to dispose of the property - use, sale, inheritance is prohibited;
  • you cannot connect communications that provide a comfortable stay in the house;
  • GASK employees may decide to demolish the building;
  • if a third party claims the building, it is almost impossible to prove that you have invested in the construction of real estate.

Construction amnesty in Nikolaev. Legalize the squatter building in Nikolaev

The procedure for putting the facility into operation: how the amnesty works

To put a house into operation, it is important to meet the following conditions:

  • a target site, and the volume meets building standards;
  • technical parameters are normal.

Only an experienced engineer engaged in the field of technical inventory can study the technical characteristics and draw up a competent opinion, as well as correctly state it on paper. Fraudsters are often found among such specialists.

Employees of the "Profi Stroy" company know who can be entrusted with the procedure. We work with certified professionals.

It is impossible to legalize unauthorized construction in Nikolaev without reports drawn up by an expert. They are the basis for considering the issue of object legalization. They also attach documents without which it is impossible to do.

Depending on the specifics of the case, the list of papers may vary. How exactly, experts of "Profi Stroy" know.

As a result, information on the registration of a declaration confirming the readiness of the property for use will appear in the register on the GASK website. Provided that the construction of houses in Nikolaev is carried out taking into account all technical standards and the documents are correctly drawn up.

How to commission a samostroy

The construction amnesty in Nikolaev implies not only registration of the Declaration, but also the introduction of real estate into operation in GASK. To resolve this issue, you should make an appointment with the Center for the provision of administrative services to the population or a notary and submit a certain package of documents for consideration.

To legalize an object built without government permits, you need to know the smallest nuances and subtleties. The construction amnesty in Nikolaev is a real opportunity to establish the rights of the developer as the owner of the property and register the property without going to court.

Why contact "Profi Stroy"

Profi Stroy employs experienced professionals with specialized education who know the pitfalls of Ukrainian legislation. Therefore, they really help to legalize the unauthorized extension in Nikolaev.

Yes, even if you have completed a private house on your site, registration is also required. The process of how to legalize an extension in Nikolaev begins with drawing up a new project and ends with making changes to the register.

The services of the construction company "Profi Stroy" include the collection and preparation of the necessary documents, the timely submission of papers to the state office. Experts cooperate with leading designers, architects, notaries and local authorities, who quickly register documents.

To avoid red tape, waste of nerves and finances associated with how to issue a squatter building in Nikolaev, with the subsequent construction of real estate, it will not hurt to first obtain permits.

For some, the cost of building and obtaining paperwork may seem overwhelming. But there is a way out. Our designers offer to order ready-made house designs at a reasonable cost. You receive detailed drawings and a layout diagram of premises in a private house, as well as instructions on how to connect communications and utilities.

The best designers and architects of Ukraine are engaged in the development of projects. The price list will be sent to the client's e-mail upon request. Favorable prices for projects and clear instructions from "Profi Stroy" allow everyone to build their dream house!

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