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Construction amnesty in Kherson

Construction amnesty in Kherson and how to legalize squatter construction

Self-construction includes construction started on a land plot with a different purpose. It is also illegal to build a construction site without obtaining a work permit.

It is possible to legalize a squatter building in Kherson without going to court, if the construction was started without obtaining permits, but the object is located on a designated area. If the owner of the new property did not take into account even the last moment, you cannot do without a court.

Profi Stroy specialists will help you to understand legal issues and legalize construction without a previously obtained permit. Lawyers are ready to take on a case of any complexity.

To legalize unauthorized construction in Kherson, it is important to thoroughly know the current legislation of Ukraine. Failure to understand where to go and how to protect your rights can result in heavy fines for the property owner. Failure to pay them by a certain date threatens the demolition of the building.

What is a construction amnesty?

The construction amnesty in Kherson can be used by those who have built a building with an area of ​​less than 300 square meters. m in the period 1992–2015. To go through the property registration procedure, it is necessary to collect the following documents:

  • technical passport - you can order it at the BTI;
  • reports with the technical characteristics of the structure - paper, which can only be entrusted to a competent expert;
  • the procedure for registering a declaration confirming the possibility of putting real estate into operation;
  • passing the registration of ownership.

If the owner of the new premises has successfully passed all these procedures, the construction amnesty in Kherson will release him from a fine.

But it is unlikely that it will be possible to do this on your own from the first submission of documents to the authorities, without knowing the legal nuances. You can redo papers for a long time and correct blots, or you can immediately entrust this work to the professionals of the "Profi Stroy" company at a reasonable cost.

To legalize the squatter construction in Kherson. Construction amnesty in Kherson

Legalize the squatter in Kherson in court

If the building was erected after 2015, the owner will have to go to court or try to legalize the property with government authorities.

For a case to be heard in the courtroom, it is important to submit an application in the appropriate form. But the decision may not be in the direction of the claimant.

It is possible to increase the chances of a positive outcome of the case for the home owner by providing certificates from the department of architecture, the fire service and the sanitary-epidemiological station of the district. They will confirm that the facility complies with building and sanitary standards.

Lawyers of "Profi Stroy" know how to draw up each document correctly, and most importantly, get it promptly. The specialists have established cooperation with all government agencies. You don't have to stand in lines and fill out papers you don't understand.

The company is also engaged in the construction of houses in Kherson. By ordering a service from "Profi Stroy", you will be able to avoid judicial red tape. After all, construction begins only after obtaining permits.

How to legalize samostroy through state institutions

It is sometimes possible to legalize a squatter building in Kherson on a targeted site bypassing the court. The owner of the property applies to the district administration with an application and the necessary documents.

  1. Technical certificate. The cost is determined by the area of ​​the property. By contacting our company, you will receive it in just a couple of days.
  2. Report on building structures and engineering networks.
  3. The declaration of readiness of the object and the technical passport are referred to the State Automobile Inspectorate, where it will be decided whether to legalize the squatter or not.
  4. If the previous stages have been passed successfully in order to legitimize the squatter in Kherson, it is also important to write the appropriate notifications to the addresses of the Ministry of Emergencies and local authorities.
  5. The object is registered in the department of registration of rights to real estate.

How to legalize an extension in Kherson

Many owners of private houses believe that such a change in the layout of housing, such as an extension, does not require a building permit. But if this happened after 1992, you need to collect the following package of documents as soon as possible:

  • state certificate for a land plot;
  • lease agreement or document. confirming the right of ownership;
  • applicant's passport and TIN;
  • title document;
  • updated building design;
  • construction completion notification;
  • construction passport;
  • statement.

The result of the procedure will be the receipt of construction and technical passports.

If you do not want or you have no time to understand the intricacies of how to legalize an unauthorized extension in Kherson, you can use the services of the construction company "Profi Stroy".

The company also offers ready-made house designs - with detailed drawings, diagrams, cost estimates and guidance on how to build. The price list for projects can be found in the public domain on the company's website.

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