Construction of frame houses in Nikolaev

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Construction of frame houses in Nikolaev

Frame houses in Nikolaev

The popularity of panel-frame technology is growing every year. It is not surprising, because a cottage can be built quickly and with minimal costs.

Frame houses are buildings that are erected using a special technology developed abroad. The structure is based on a wooden or metal frame. It is to him that the walls are then mounted. How to build a frame house in Nikolaev, the specialists of the "Profi Stroy" company know.

The advantages of building a frame house

To build frame houses in Nikolaev are chosen by those who want to quickly move into a cozy, solid cottage, which is not afraid of precipitation, record low temperatures and other whims of the weather.

Depending on the area, the cottage is built from scratch in 2-4 months. Similar brick housing will have to be built for at least 2 years. The frame technology allows construction to continue regardless of weather conditions.

Construction consists in arranging the frame and the subsequent fixation of elements made at the factory to order. Nails are used as fasteners.

Also, the following points are referred to the advantages of frame houses in Nikolaev.

  1. Relatively light weight of the building. The construction of houses in Nikolaev is carried out with the arrangement of a simple and inexpensive foundation. The transportation of building materials to the site turns out to be economical.
  2. In the company "Profi Stroy" you can order cottages made of wood, which undergoes technical processing in compliance with European standards. The treated wood frame does not rot and maintains the desired moisture level.
  3. The walls do not shrink, therefore, after their construction, they immediately proceed to the external and internal decoration.
  4. The house is warm in winter, while the temperature in the rooms is cool in summer.
  5. The heating system can be arranged so that only the rooms you need are heated.
  6. Environmental safety of the building materials used.
  7. A frame house in Nikolaev, built by experienced craftsmen "Profi Stroy", will withstand vibrations of the earth up to 9 points. You can also contact the specialists for designing a cottage. Do not want to wait for the development of drawings on an individual basis - study the advantageous offers in the section Ready-made house projects.
  8. The building is warm and comfortable to live in. The joints of materials are filled with insulation. The appearance of air currents excludes the use of a windproof and waterproofing membrane.
  9. The walls are erected with a small thickness. Thanks to this, the rooms are spacious.

Construction of frame houses in Nikolaev: price, turnkey

What is included in the price of a turnkey frame house

How much it costs to build a turnkey frame house depends on the complexity of the frame. If the project involves a simple body and a gable roof, the construction will be inexpensive.

Additional investments are required by architectural features that make the cottage exclusive. It is the exclusivity of the building that the customer pays additionally for.

  1. Arrangement of terraces.
  2. Balconies.
  3. Pitched roofs.
  4. Columns.
  5. Attic.

Using the services of the construction company "Profi Stroy", you can discuss the project of the future house with a highly qualified specialist. It is important to think over not only the external attractiveness of the cottage, but also to properly organize the internal space.

Now minimalism is in vogue, the emphasis in decoration is done on details. Panoramic windows visually expand the space. Appliances are built into niches and cabinets.

Our designer will select a suitable interior option for the client, focusing on his taste, and will offer the appropriate furniture.

In any case, the prices to build a frame house are reasonable.

  1. The construction takes a minimum of time.
  2. The budgetary cost of SIP materials.
  3. Arrangement of a simple base.
  4. Smooth walls allow you to save money on the preparatory stage for finishing.

Cooperation with specialists "Profi Stroy"

The project, carried out by the architect "Profi Stroy", includes a calculation and volumetric visualization of the finished cottage. If the customer agrees with everything, the team starts construction. If necessary, make edits.

All stages of construction are supervised by an experienced foreman. The client can request from him a report on the work done at any stage. Good communication has been established between the customer and the contractor.

They turn to us to build a frame house inexpensively. If you want to clarify the prices for the services of specialists, contact us and we will send the price list by e-mail.

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