To order concrete works from the company Profi Stroy in Kherson and Nikolaev

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To order concrete works from the company Profi Stroy in Kherson and Nikolaev

Concrete work is the process of pouring concrete at the initial stage of construction. This type of work is fundamental, because the reliability and durability of construction work depend on the quality of the mixture and compliance with the laying technology.
Concrete is a building material obtained as a result of the formation of a mixture of cement, sand and water. In some cases, crushed stone, gravel or pebbles are added. Fillers can significantly increase the density and strength of the mixture, prevent the occurrence of cracks, increase water resistance, reduce shrinkage and creep.

Бетонные работы в Херсоне Николаеве Профи Строй

Properly poured concrete in construction has several advantages: · Strength; · Water resistance; · Durability; · In the future, any finish can be performed. The company Profi Stroy will perform concrete work during the reconstruction and construction of a new building in Kherson and Nikolaev at competitive prices.
Профессиональное строительство фундамента в Херсоне Николаеве Профи Строй

Types of concrete work

Concreting is divided into the following types and stages:
· Knitting reinforcement - the metal base of reinforced concrete structures;
· Installation of formwork (if necessary) - a wooden or metal frame creating the boundaries of the concrete structure;
· Pouring and strengthening the foundation - a concrete base for the walls of the building. The following types of foundation exist - strip, columnar, monolithic and pile;

· Floor screed;
· Column construction for rigidity and structural strength;
· Wall construction, which is done in 2 ways - using lightweight mortar or monolithic concrete;
· Installation of the blind area - a waterproof coating around the building, designed to protect the foundation from rainwater and flooding.
You can order a turnkey foundation pouring from us in Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa and calculate the cost of work

Профессиональная стяжка полов в Херсоне Николаеве под ключ Профи Строй

In the process of concreting, you must clearly adhere to the rules and regulations in order to avoid the occurrence of cracks. The concrete mixture should have a uniform consistency. For this, preliminary distribution and tamping is carried out (layout inside the solution and removal of excess air bubbles). Qualitatively and quickly to achieve the desired result, you can use vibration. Stacking is carried out using vibrating hoses that are immersed in the solution. Thus, it lies flat and does not leave air holes. When pouring the floor, surface installations with a long rail are used, which move along the surface.

After pouring, it is important to properly care for the mixture - cover the concrete with polyethylene, water it in a timely manner to avoid drying out too quickly, carefully compact and distribute.
Заказать бетонные работы в Херсоне Николаеве под ключ

Concrete prices

For concrete work, prices vary primarily in complexity and scope of work. Ultimately, the following factors affect the price:
· Type of work performed;
· Type and quality of materials used;
· The period of concreting - in warm seasons, concrete requires less maintenance, accordingly it can reduce the cost, but here the seasonality factor comes into effect - as a rule, most customers order concrete work in the warm season, as a result, high demand generates a sharp increase in prices for carrying out concrete works in Kherson. Conclusion: in the cold season, concrete work will cost less. Although they require a more professional approach and special training!
For concrete work, the price can reach from a fifth to half the cost of the entire construction. This is not surprising, because the pouring process is fundamental - the durability and reliability of the structure being constructed depend on it.

Нанять строителей для заливки фундамента в Херсоне Николаеве на заказ

The company Profi Stroy conducts a full range of concrete work on SNIP (construction norms and rules) in the city of Kherson and Nikolaev. How we are working:
1. Preliminary discussion of the project;
2. Conducting miscalculations and planning - you get a price for concrete work before the start of cooperation;
3. The conclusion of a formal contract;
4. Preparation and conduct of work;
5. Approval and delivery of the project. We strive to meet the needs of each client - price, quality and timing are the foundation for building long-term relationships with the customer.

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