Building permit in Kiev: technical passport

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Building permit in Kiev: technical passport

Building permit in Kiev

Any construction in Ukraine requires prior approval of the start of work with urban planning institutions. At the first stage, the developer submits documents for a construction passport in Kiev. The procedure takes a lot of time. After all, you need to make an appointment with a specialist, stand in line, collect the necessary papers. If, when submitting documents, at least one is missing, or when it turns out that the specified information is inaccurate, the papers are returned for correction and elimination of defects.

To prevent paperwork and communication with government agencies from killing all the enthusiasm to build a private house, employees of "Profi Stroi" offer their services. With our help, permission to build a house in Kiev will be obtained as soon as possible.

We have established cooperation with government agencies. We know how to avoid dragging out the process, in what form and what documents to submit.

Why get a construction permit

If the building was built without settling issues with the town planning department, it will be difficult to do so with the subsequent desire of the owner to sell or donate the house. Also, I am not happy with the situation when the architectural and construction control suddenly becomes interested in the erected cottage. Large fines cannot be avoided.

Judicial practice knows cases when a decision was made to demolish the squatter. That is why it makes no sense to start construction illegally. Registration of real estate objects is mandatory.

Building permission in Kiev. Technical certificate

Required documents

You can get a building permit in Kiev by submitting the necessary documents. The company "Profi Stroi" will prepare a list of papers before filing:

  • photocopies of the passport and TIN belonging to the owner of the future cottage;
  • photocopies of documents confirming the ownership of land, which are certified by a notary;
  • the consent of the owners to the construction site (if necessary);
  • scheme of the site on which it is planned to erect the building, house project;
  • technical capabilities for connecting engineering networks and communications.

Don't lose sight of preparing a carefully crafted home project. Only after thinking over the smallest nuances of construction, the owner can be sure of the safety of the building.

Our company offers ready-made house projects at reasonable prices. You can order schemes for the construction of a warm, comfortable cottage for the whole family. If necessary, experienced specialists of "Profi Stroi" will make minor changes to the drawings and estimates, taking into account the wishes of the client. Many projects have already been implemented and you will be able to appreciate with your own eyes the architectural appeal of the erected houses.

Construction permit cost

How much it costs to issue a construction permit in Kiev is determined by many factors:

  • the owner of the site has all the documents in his hands or some of them still need to be obtained (for example, in case of loss);
  • number of owners;
  • the square of the future building;
  • where the land is located.

Stages of registration of permits with "Profi Stroi"

Ukrainian legislation establishes different procedures for obtaining a permit, depending on the area of ​​the planned building (up to 500 or over 500 sq. M.). As a result of a successful check, the client is notified of the opportunity to start construction.

A permit for the construction of a private house in Kiev with "Profi Stroy" consists of the following stages.

  1. The client signs up for a consultation with a highly qualified expert.
  2. After discussing the nuances of the procedure, an agreement is concluded. The document contains information about the service and the obligations of the executor of the order.
  3. Specialists apply to the appropriate authorities, draw up a technical passport for a house in Kiev and other papers. All this time, the employee is in touch with the client. The customer knows how the business is progressing.
  4. The client receives the documents stipulated in the cooperation agreement.

Benefits of working with us

Seeking help from the specialists of the "Profi Stroi" company is the best solution when you need to obtain a building permit in Kiev. There are several reasons for this:

  • extensive experience in solving such issues by our experts;
  • you do not need to do anything, just indicate your wishes, the rest is our work;
  • the service provided is indicated in the contract;
  • the client can inquire about the progress of the procedure at any stage of registration of documents for construction in Kiev;
  • getting the result is what our specialists are aimed at.

We also employ experienced builders. The construction of houses in Kiev by a team of highly skilled craftsmen takes place without wasting the client's nerves. Each stage is supervised by a foreman. Modern reliable materials are used in construction.

The services of the construction company "Profi Stroi" are used by those who want to finish construction faster and live in a house that is comfortable outside the window in any weather.

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