Design and construction of houses in the Kiev region

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Design and construction of houses in the Kiev region

Construction of houses in Kozin, Bucha, Vishnevoe, Koncha-Zaspa

The choice of whom to entrust the construction of a house in the Kiev region depends on how quickly the building will be erected and the comfort of living in it. Having built a cottage, you no longer have to endure dirty entrances and ask your neighbors to make your TV quieter. If you already know what the house will look like, you can turn to the Profi Stroy masters for help in turnkey construction.

Also, our experts will help you decide on the building project. Everyone can pick up beautiful pictures from the Internet. But in order to combine the wishes of the client and save money on the use of modern materials, one needs remarkable experience, good taste and knowledge.

Ready-made solutions from "Profi Stroi"

The construction of houses near Kiev does not have to be long and exhausting. Our company offers ready-made house projects, following which you can build a reliable, warm building in a modern design. A designer, architect and designer are involved in the preparation of each project, who know how to equip a dream home!

Projects include detailed diagrams and drawings, which indicate the wiring of communications and the laying of engineering networks. An estimate is attached to the drawings, where the building materials are determined, the costs of their purchase are calculated.

Taking advantage of the advantageous offer, the client receives a high-quality technical solution from experienced specialists. Fast construction of houses near Kiev is based on carefully calculated and verified projects, where the parameters of the building are fixed.

Documents for the construction of cottages allow you to accurately calculate the volume of purchases of materials and construction work. Also, thanks to a well-designed project, it is possible to obtain a construction permit.

Construction of houses in Kiev and Kiev region

How is the design of houses carried out

If you have a clear idea of ​​what kind of house you want, you can apply for the creation of a project on an individual basis to the "Profi Stroy" company. In this case, the design is carried out in stages.

  1. The construction of turnkey houses in the Kiev region begins with the assessment and taking measurements of the land plot where the building will be located. The specialist is engaged in the creation of a master plan taking into account the number of storeys and thinks out the facades in the axes. The draft design even before the start of construction shows how the finished cottage will look like.
  2. If the client is satisfied with the design, the employee starts drawing up the architectural project. The drawings show the architecture of facades, roofs, how residential and non-residential premises are located. Special attention is paid to the formation of specifications for windows and doors.
  3. Construction of houses in Kiev always completes the drawing up of structural diagrams. The documents contain calculations of how much and what building materials are needed. The specialist enters information on the construction. This is a kind of instruction for the construction team. In order for the client to understand how much it costs to build private houses in the Kiev region, the client is also given an estimate.

Regardless of the area of ​​the cottage, the customer receives the calculations for laying a reliable foundation. If you plan to build houses in Koncha Zaspa with an area of ​​100 sq. m, a simplified basis is enough. Large structures require more painstaking work.

To order a project in "Profi Stroi" means to receive calculations for materials for the arrangement of monolithic sections and floors, roofs. When a building has two floors, it is important to provide a solid and comfortable staircase.

The services of a construction company in the design of cottages imply the presence of drawings with internal engineering networks. Based on the diagrams, the builders will have to make a sewerage system, supply water, heating, and provide the building with electricity and ventilation.

The cost of building cottages in the Kiev region

Today, the construction of houses in Bucha and other picturesque places of the Kiev region is popular. The cost of building buildings depends on architectural solutions, the need to attract special equipment, building materials, and the number of storeys of the structure.

If the house needs to be built as quickly as possible, several teams of specialists are involved in the work. This is also reflected in the construction price.

But the customer has nothing to fear. The company "Profi Stroi" offers customers a flexible pricing policy. Experts always select an acceptable option that meets the expectations of the customer and his financial capabilities. Building a house in Irpin with cost savings is possible!

Why is it profitable to work with us?

Our company builds cottages throughout Ukraine. We are already full of cones and know how to create chic, warm houses using modern technologies. The construction of houses in Vishnevoe by our specialists is a whole list of works, starting from the creation of a project, ending with finishing. You can study the price list by contacting the manager.

Do you like the finished projects presented on the site? You can order them at a budget cost.

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