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Roof construction

Roof construction

Even if the walls of your house are made of high quality material, it will be uncomfortable to live in it without a properly laid roof. The construction of the roof by Profi Stroy professionals is carried out following step-by-step technology. The coating is perfect, with thermal and waterproofing.

If you do not know which building material is better to use and in which shade, experienced craftsmen will give their recommendations, taking into account the color scheme and facade design. The reasonable price for the services of a construction company allows each home owner to order the installation of a roof.

Turnkey roof

The construction of the roof of a house depends on the features of its structure. The customer can choose between flat and pitched roofs. Skatnaya has an unusual design. Such a roof will adorn any building.

But not only the type of construction determines the attractiveness of the house. It is important what materials the roof is made of. After all, each building material has its own technical characteristics.

The work experience of the specialist who carries out the calculations is also important. Profi Stroy masters are proficient in modern roofing techniques and will be able to mount even a multilayer system.

Turnkey roof construction from the specialists of our company includes the following components:

  • development of a project with estimate documentation and purchase of materials;
  • dismantling the old roof;
  • arrangement of the rafter system and protective elements;
  • laying an insulating layer against moisture and low temperatures;
  • installation of the roof itself - using metal tiles, composite tiles or ceramic material.

Roofing works are carried out by a team of builders "Profi Stroy" quickly and without loss of quality. The customer receives a house with a renewed roof within a predetermined time frame.

You can also order the construction of houses from scratch from us. A friendly team of craftsmen has 8 years of experience in the Ukrainian market. We know everything about construction, including how to get around the pitfalls that may appear during the construction of cottages.

Turnkey roof construction in Ukraine, Kherson

Features of roof laying by Profi Stroy specialists

Each stage of construction, from design to implementation of the client's wishes, is discussed with the client. On the basis of the drawn up drawings, an estimate is created, which is also approved by the owner of the property. It doesn’t matter if it’s about a new house or about one where you already lived. We are installing a roof that will not leak in heavy rain and will delay bad weather in frosty winter.

Roofing works are carried out in the following order.

  1. You agree with the manager of the "Profi Stroy" company about a convenient time for a qualified foreman to visit the facility. His task is to take measurements and determine the amount of work.
  2. The analysis of what he saw and the wishes of the client allow the specialist to make an estimate. The document describes the required building materials and their cost. After reviewing the calculation, the customer understands how much it will cost to build a roof on a house.
  3. After the approval of the estimate, the builders proceed to the arrangement of the frame. We use only high-quality sawn timber from reliable suppliers.
  4. The remaining elements of the system are installed. The design is being tested for strength. The craftsmen install the type of roofing that the client likes.

Specialists will have to lay out a multi-layer roofing pie, focusing on the features of the developed project. A team of professionals always offers the construction of a roof in a private house with insulation and waterproofing. If you neglect this stage, the tree can rot and the structure will have to be repaired.

What affects the cost of roofing

How much it will cost to build a roof of a house depends on the following factors:

  • system complexity level, configuration, coverage area;
  • used building materials;
  • how many floors there are in the building;
  • type of roofing surface;
  • in what conditions do builders work, remoteness from infrastructure;
  • how much time the craftsmen have to complete the work.

You can discuss the construction of roofs of private houses by the construction team "Profi Stroy" by calling the manager's number indicated on the website. The main office is located in Kherson, we work throughout Ukraine.

You may also be interested in ready-made house designs that are inexpensive. Many of them have been realized in real life. If necessary, you can see the already built cottages.

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