Geology of the site for the construction of a house

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Geology of the site for the construction of a house

Site geology

The construction of any facility begins with preparatory work. One of the important stages is the geology of the site. The procedure should be carried out by experienced professionals. The complex of works and studies allows to determine the feasibility of using the studied area for construction. Geology is one of the most demanded services provided by the PROFI STROY company in Kherson and the region. The firm is highly experienced and highly qualified staff.

What is local geology?

Geology studies what is beneath the surface of the soil. By ordering a service in the construction company "PROFI STROY", the customer will receive a report on the geology carried out in Kherson. Research is necessary to obtain reliable data on the specifics of the site. Samples of soil and groundwater are taken for laboratory study. Based on the analysis carried out, specialists make a forecast about the development of possible natural processes that can lead to damage or destruction of the structure. Based on the results of the work carried out, research results are formed, on the basis of which project documentation is developed. Geology is being carried out in order to make the right decision, which guarantees the quality and reliable operation of the structure under construction.

Geology of the site before building a house

What does the study of a building site give?

The geology of the site is an opportunity to get up-to-date information on such issues:

  • type and composition of soil;
  • groundwater level;
  • soil properties.

The main element of the structure being erected is the foundation. When calculating and choosing the type of foundation, the behavior of the soil and groundwater on the state of the soil under load is taken into account. These data are necessary for the construction of the foundation and the arrangement of drainage and sewerage systems. Incorrect calculations or lack of information can lead to freezing, which will lead to pipe breakthrough. With a flooded foundation, it is difficult to equip a basement or cellar, and excessive dampness destroys the building.

Without geology in Nikolaev, it is difficult to foresee the behavior of the soil. If, when building a house, you do not take into account the peculiarities of the soil, the building can shrink, which leads to a distortion of the structure, the formation of cracks.

The use of innovative technologies and modern equipment allows the specialists of our company to quickly and efficiently perform a set of works. It is safe to say that the study of the geology of the area is an important stage in the preparation of a site for construction. The collected information will guarantee the durability and safe operation of the structure.

Not everyone knows that geology is not only the study of soil and groundwater levels, but also diagnostics of fluid quality. In some areas, it may not be drinkable or even for watering plants. The results of laboratory tests are reflected in the report.

What is included in the service?

A thorough study of the building site is necessary to comply with generally accepted standards.

The geology process includes several stages:

  • study of materials of the area;
  • departure of a team of specialists to the site for the purpose of conducting research, including drilling wells to collect a sample of soil and underwater waters;
  • analysis of the collected material in laboratory conditions;
  • leaving a report with recommendations for the construction of a structure.

The cost of the service is calculated individually for each site and depends on the size and characteristics of the surveyed area. Thanks to their professionalism and vast experience, our employees are ready to accept an order for the study of a site of any complexity.

When ordering the geology of a land plot, it is necessary to know the dimensions and number of storeys of the future building, as well as the exact location to determine the points of well drilling. If there is no train to the place of work, small-sized portable units can be used.

Without a geological survey, it is impossible to put the house into operation, since the document will be required when developing a project for the construction of a house. The firm "PROFI STROY" will present an official opinion, which can legally be used in the preparation of documentation for the construction of a house.

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